Content Christmas Gift Guide: Super Foods and Raw Food Favourites

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Shopping for a healthy foodie fan this Christmas but have no idea where to begin? Well luckily for you, we are filled with ideas! From the best healthy cookbooks and reading resources full of inspiration, to the kitchen staples we think every healthy foodie should always have to hand, check out our organic whole foods and super foods which also make the perfect gifts for vegans, raw food lovers and superfoods aficionados.

Books for Wellbeing Fans 

The ideal gift for healthy foodies of all sorts, Hemsley + Hemsley’s The Art Of Eating Well offers an enticing array of plant-based and carnivore friendly recipes (always organic, grass fed and free range of course), whilst The Unbakery Book by Megan May is a favourite of both raw foodists and raw food appreciators alike. Amelia Freer’s Eat. Nourish. Grow is the ideal manual for those who are looking for healthy nutritional and lifestyle guidance, alongside mouth watering recipes. If a certain someone on your shopping list doesn’t have much time to read a book, get him a copy of bi-annual lifestyle magazine The Nourished Journal (ready to pre-order): with its cool tone and aesthetic, it has something for everyone – from healthy recipes to beginners’ guide to crystal and sprouting.

Skinfood Staples

Added on to any of our other Christmas recommendations or when combined with other skinfood staples, we think the following products make a thoughtful addition or personalised collection that we’re sure your #greenbeauty giftee will love!

First up, the newest arrival: the Content Skinfood & Manna Superfood Set. It’s the perfect starter set if you want to convert someone to skinfoods! It’s stunningly packaged, tightly edited collection of Content’s own skinfood favourites, manuka honey and coconut oil with our teas and our favourite Manna Superfoods, encased in a beautiful reusable hand-pressed offering box,

As featured in the Telegraph as a ‘beneficial brew’ for skin, tea lovers, will appreciated the Content Skin Tea. A specially formulated blend of herbal extracts for all skin types, this tea is as delicious as it is good for skin. Arguably the best green superfood on the market and the one we swear by for staying flu-free in the Winter months, in addition to its immune strengthening benefits, Pure Synergy Green Superfood is one of our skin glowing secrets that we promise your giftee will thank you for!

A #skinfood staple for nourishing skin from both the inside and outside, whether your giftee is into DIY skincare (in that case, check out the Content Christmas guide for all things DIY here) or a prospective healthy chef, Essence Of Eden Coconut Oil is our favourite kitchen to beauty cabinet product and a must have staple for #greenbeauty/foodie lovers alike.

For Coffee Fans

If you are trying to encourage a loved one to get a little healthier, our Content ‘Coffee’ is a great way to get that warming belly sensation without the caffeine spike. The Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee with Chaga or Lion’s Mane are also a must for coffee lovers, who don’t want to put strain in their bodies.

Chocolate Lovers

Here at Content, raw, organic cacao is one of our favourite antioxidant rich Content Kitchen staples, but did you know when applied topically this scrumptious superfood works wonders for your skin? Below we’ve rounded up a selection of our finest cacao based treats AND skincare to impress all chocolate lovers this festive season. Purchase alone or in succession, so your chocolate lover can create their own cacao ritual…

Know a chocoholic or two? A delicious way to compliment a cookbook or magazine is to throw in the Sweet Virtues Superfood Chocolate Nut Butter (coming soon) – a delicious nut butter stuffed with superfood ingredients including chia seeds, which is perfect for drizzling over bowls of the oatmeal, as a spread, a dip – or straight out of the jar! For hot cocoa lovers instead, look no further than Four Sigma Foods XOCO Blue & Four Sigma Foods XOCO Red – a strong, dark chocolate flavour to satisfy any cravings on a cold, winter day.

For chocolate bar lovers, Raw Halo’s (coming soon) indulgent collection of raw chocolate bars will not disappoint and is one of our all time favourite ways to spread the ‘love’ on birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas alike. The ‘Dark Collection’ is made from a dark and indulgent 76% dark chocolate recipe, while the ‘Pure Mylk’ range is dairy-free and made with cashew nut butter, lucuma powder and pure vanilla. They look just as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside, thanks to beautiful minimalist colourful packaging.

Cacao is as much a treat for the skin as it is for your tastebuds. For serious chocolate fans, the Amala Rejuvenating Spa Valise contains the best products to indulge in your own at-home cacao ritual thanks to the antioxidant rich addition of cocoa beans in each product (whilst you’re at it, just make sure to sip on one of these!). Another of our favourites is Live Native’s Botanic Earth Antioxidant Mud Mask which is basically a superfood energy ball in skincare form! Made up of antioxidant rich acai, cacao and nourishing spirulina, this one is especially perfect for raw treat connoisseurs. If you don’t think that will be enough to satisfy your giftee’s cacao cravings, try a body ritual of Page Thirty Three’s Lavender Bath Brew which contains raw cacao, followed by May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff Radiance Oil blended from a combination of cacao, rose, lavender, and ylang-ylang – we think quenches those cacao cravings like no other. Get more of our favourite cacao containing products here.