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Our latest collaboration is here… and it’s with the planet!

Keeping the planet in mind when you purchase anything can be difficult. Making and consuming by its very nature is not very planet-friendly. But since we all need a new something from time to time – whether this be a moisturiser, swimsuit or bag – we do have the opportunity to choose for the planet, and not just for ourselves.

While the beauty and fashion industries catch up to start providing more considered options, a few brands have already created products and packaging to help you touch the planet more lightly with your choices. Use our Content X Planet collections to shop with the planet in mind.

Content Beauty X Planet

While many of your natural beauty products need replacing every six months or so, the same is not true for their packaging – lots of it will take a lifetime to break down. It takes a while for an industry as big as the packaging one to pivot and provide better options for the beauty industry. But things are changing!

Content Beauty X Planet is where you can find brands who are addressing the issues around waste in the beauty industry, from plastic free, refillable and reusable beauty; to glass packaging, recycled & recyclable packaging and biodegradable packaging. We’re making it possible for you to consider the planet not just your skin!

Content Clothes X Planet

Today, an average consumer throws away an individual garment after 7 uses, and about 95% of clothing that ends up in landfill could actually have been recycled. Fast fashion, or as we like to call it “disposable fashion”, lures consumers into believing they constantly need the latest looks and this fosters a throwaway culture.

Our Content Sustainable Clothes curation has been collated from brands that opt to put the planet and workers at the forefront of their design and manufacturing process. While we think that all the clothes we stock have a plus for the planet when compared to mainstream manufacturing, the products in Content Clothes X Planet highlight specific initiatives around natural fibres, recycling & upcycling, botanical dyes and water conservation.

Content Living X Planet

Wondering why you should up your zero waste, plastic free game and switch to reusable products? Simple. To reduce your single-use plastic consumption. Made as a byproduct of the oil industry, plastic does not biodegrade easily. Even plastics marketed as biodegradable must be placed under the right conditions to break down effectively. Often they will break down into smaller particles called microplastics, which may find their way into the environment, oceans and eventually our food chain.

While hard to avoid, a little extra thought and planning can help you limit your reliance on single-use plastics by opting for reusable products and choosing truly biodegradable products. Use our Content Living X Planet edit to find some sustainable swaps that work for your lifestyle.

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