From the Helpdesk: Your Most Common Natural Beauty Questions Answered

common natural beauty questions
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We always have an open forum for our customers to ask questions and advice in the realm of natural beauty, wellbeing and sustainable fashion. Here, our team of green beauty experts have answered some of the most common natural beauty questions we have received over the last few months. Read on to find out if your burning question has been answered!

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Which eye serum is best for hot weather?

Switching your eye cream to a lighter serum in hot temperatures can help relieve puffiness. A serum with a roller applicator, like the Evolve Hyaluronic Eye Complex, is great for massaging the sensitive eye area upon application. If not using a roller, gently use your fingertips instead. We suggest switching to one of the bestsellers below and for a further cooling effect, place your serum in the fridge between uses.

Are there natural SPFs that don’t leave a white tint?

Finally, yes there are! 2019 has been a great year for natural SPF launches. The formulations in these new launches mean you can wear your daily SPF without the worry of an obvious white tint. The new breed from Pai, Madara, Nuori, Whamisa and Evolve use non-nano mineral SPF and are also considered reef-safe when compared to other SPF. Try the new launches below.

Do you have any perfume minis I can travel with?

Yes! And we totally get not wanting to transport a 50ml bottle of your favourite perfume on holiday – we’ve lost count of how many times ours have leaked! Depending on what type of perfume you like, you can choose from an oil base (rollerball) or a mini of the bestselling Functional Fragrance from The Nue Co and Abel, who also do a 15ml size in all their scents. Try one of our team favourites below.

What are the best light moisturisers for summer?

Hot climates call for lightweight everything, including your moisturiser. These three will leave your complexion with a matte finish, great if you find your natural ‘glow’ increases in summer to a more oily skin type. You might also find that your make-up sits better – less sliding off, more staying put. We have found the below work well in summer for almost all skin types.

My skin is very sensitive to the heat. What mists will help to cool down?

If you’re particularly sensitive to heat, it can feel impossible to avoid breaking into a red flush when hot temperatures strike. We always seek out cucumber, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid at this time of year when choosing a skin-cooling & hydrating mist, or even better, a solid mist! Keep one of the below in your handbag to cool down.

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