COME CLEAN: Why Cleanse? We Discuss the Benefits of Detox.

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Clean living may seem like a drag, but cleansing and detoxing hasn’t been around for centuries for no good reason! The main aim of cleansing is to significantly improve the function of your organs of elimination, particularly the liver and colon. This may in turn help alleviate symptoms or conditions such as skin problems, bloating, allergies, food intolerances, PMS, sleep issues, inflammatory conditions and hormonal imbalances. The liver is considered the most important organ in the body and is linked to our bodies overall functioning health and vitality – giving it a helping hand may just make everything a bit better!

During our 21 day Cleanse Challenge this month you will be eating food closer to its natural state allowing your digestive system to take a break from your normal diet so your body gets a chance to spring clean. Some consider cleansing to be an act of kindness to oneself. We’re not saying it will be easy, but this is a great time to reconnect with your body and mind. By supporting your body with wholesome, fresh foods, you may well find that you have more clarity, energy and vitality. Read on to find out why going green is good for your body and mind…

” Living in tune with the seasons is considered an important part of staying healthy in many forms of complementary medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is considered to be the season of Wood which is associated with the Liver and the colour green. The energy of the Liver is very yang (moving) in nature, but can easily become stagnated through stress, inflammation, and poor diet, leaving you weak and susceptible to spring colds and illnesses. A good way to soothe the liver is increase your green vegetable intake which will have a cleansing effect. Juicing with green vegetables can be an excellent way to do this, especially as the colour associated with this season is green.” Laura Jones BSc MBAcC

What is a Cleanse?

During our day toxins, environmental pollutants and synthetic chemicals surround us. When combined with a diet that contains processed foods and little exercise, we can expect a build-up of toxicity. This in turn may impair the functions of our internal systems.

The body has many mechanisms to deal with these toxins however there are factors that may contribute to ineffective elimination and lead to their potential accumulation within the body.  These factors may include;

  • increased stress levels,
  • foods devoid of quality nutrients,
  • additive and preservative filled processed foods,
  • lack of movement due to infrequent exercise,

To ensure that accumulation is minimized it is important to ensure processes such as digestion, absorption, and elimination are working to optimum capacity, which is where cleansing comes in!

An effective cleanse involves cutting out processed foods, all white foods (i.e. sugar, white bread, white rice etc) red meat, alcohol and caffeine. Instead, introducing more seasonal, organic wholefoods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, wholegrain, plenty of filtered water and herbal tea. This will help you to feel re-energised, refreshed and lighter, as your body rids itself of any accumulated toxins stored in the body.

Benefits of Cleansing

A cleanse will offer you the opportunity to refocus and establish clear dietary goals that will help you to make better food choices. It can also may help to shift the few extra Winter pounds you might have gained.

The benefits of cleansing include:-

  • Improved skin – those prone to hormonal or food related spots may find they vanish
  • Increased energy – improved nutrient absorption, sleep and mind clarity help you to feel more energised
  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients – helps reduce fluid retention and bloating
  • Improved immune system – as the body is able to absorb important nutrients more effectively.

All of the above will recharge your cells, flooding your system with nutrients and optimizing your daily bodily functions.


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