COME CLEAN: Transform Your Life with Flower Essence-Infused Perfumes

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Is it possible to transform your life by wearing a perfume? Lotus Wei recently launched a line of natural botanical perfumes infused with the power of flower essences. The line includes six beautiful blends of essential oils; however, additional to the aromatherapy, the flower essences are working on your acupuncture meridians to enhance your state of mind and accelerate personal growth. Flower essences have no scent and have traditionally been taken internally to enhance mood and illuminate patterns.

Having worked with flower essences for over 15 years, Katie Hess, owner of Lotus Wei, discovered that flower essences are just as effective when applied to the skin, as long as they’re used several times daily. Infusing them into natural perfumes was a perfect combination. Natural perfumes are free of artificial fragrances and chemical fixatives, so they need to be re-applied several times during the day, making it also possible for the flower essences to work their magic. We asked Katie to explain the Anointing Oils range:

‘All flower essences are designed to break old habits, whether it’s by effortlessly experiencing a positive shift in your state of mind, or by enhancing your awareness around a specific habit in your life. For example, Lotus Wei’s Quiet Mind perfume is a blend of geranium and spices, whose flower essences help you relax, yet be more effective. Bird of Paradise flower essence quiets the mind,  Dandelion essence dissolves tension, and Passionflower helps you sleep at night. Taken during the day, this perfume enhances focus and clarity, clears mental clutter, and helps you be more clear and efficient.

Inner Peace perfume has a grounding lavender aroma, while the flower essences help you feel more calm and confident. Hibiscus essence helps you see life from a fresh perspective, and Lupine helps you feel more supported and peaceful during times of high stress. If there’s anything you’re nervous about, like public speaking or taking on a new project, Silk Floss flower gives you a boost of confidence and fearlessness.

Have a habit of being too serious or feeling like you have a lot of responsibilities? Joy Juice perfume is the answer. It enhances joy, laughter, happiness, and letting your inner child out to play. It has a fun aroma, somewhere between a Strawberry Daiquiri and a Pink Lemonade Margarita and the flower essences work their magic in minutes, giving you a little giggle. Even if the sky is overcast, Joy Juice makes you feel like sunshine and happiness.

If you’re too hard on yourself or you could use a little extra love and nurturing, Infinite Love is the love potion. The aroma is soft with rose, red mandarin, and honey, and the flower essences make you feel beautiful and love yourself without needing anything from the outside. It makes you more magnetic and charismatic and regular users swear it attracts not only love and romance, but also opportunities and business connections.

Feeling like you have a huge to-do list, and there are things on that list you don’t feel like doing? Or maybe you have a creative project and you feel blocked. All of this can be remedied by the Inspired Action Perfume. Exotic and spicy, the predominant scent is of pink pepper, Jamaican bay, and cardamom, and the flower essences inspire you into action, enhance creativity, and making getting things done effortless.

If you hear yourself saying that you’re too tired to do something, or you travel a lot, or spend day after day on a computer, try incorporating Radiant Energy into your every day experience. Fruity and spicy, the flower essences in this blend boost your chi and make your presence more powerful. They make sure you don’t take on others’ stress and revitalise you after computer use and travel.

So whether you’re looking to just de-stress a little or whether you’d like to transform your life, flower essences can do both–it’s just a matter of how often and how long you use them. The Lotus Wei perfumes are a great way to start, because they’re fun and natural.

Here are a few common mental habits and the corresponding the Transformative Perfume — which one sounds most like what you’d need first?