COME CLEAN: Soapwalla Tips for Spring Cleaning Body and Home

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Rachel Winard is the founder of Soapwalla Kitchen and its cult product the Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. As a brand which has avoiding synthetic chemicals at the top of it’s ethos list, who better to ask for tips on going CLEAN. Here, Rachel shares with us her 4 favourite ways of welcoming Spring….

Every Sunday, I open all the windows and fill my apartment with clean outdoor air. I always keep the windows open a bit, even in the middle of harsh NYC winters, but I love being able to make the indoors and outdoors as seamless as possible in a 2nd floor walk-up.

Get some air, try to take a lunchtime stroll when at work or leave your window a-jar at night to enjoy the fresh Spring air. It will make you feel more alive!

I start each morning with a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon. I use Meyer lemons as they are not as acidic. This instantly wakes me up, quenches that early morning thirst, and gets me started on the right foot.

We love this tip. This simple practice speeds up the body’s elimination of toxins and kick-starts the metabolism – try this everyday before your daily morning green drink or breakfast

I purge, purge, purge. I go through absolutely every single item I own and see what I can pare down. I’m a minimalist by nature, but I look forward to this seasonal ritual of getting rid of the old and making space to breathe new life into my space and mind.

This week, try releasing the old, dust away the cobwebs and de-clutter your house and mind – make way for the new and set new goals

SALADS! I have a big salad every night. When I’m on the go or am working 18 hour days, I can’t always eat as well as I’d like to during the day. I always make it up to my body with a humongous salad for dinner. My favorite add-ins: radish, avocado (seriously, is there a better food on earth?!), hemp seeds and cucumber. A splash of mirin, lemon and flax oil and I’m good to go!

Spring is the perfect time to add more raw food to your meals, especially chlorophyll rich greens which will help to cleanse and remove accumulated toxic waste from your body– promoting soft, youthful skin and increased energy

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