COME CLEAN: Rose-Marie Swift Shares her Favourite Spring Cleanse Tips

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Rose-Marie Swift is at the forefront of the clean beauty sector with her organic make up range RMS Beauty. Swift is a great advocate of living a green and organic lifestyle and highlights the importance of not only what you put on your skin but also what we put in our bodies. We asked Rose-Marie to share her tips for spring cleaning body and mind.

First up, Rose-Marie shares with CONTENT her favourite clean and green ingredients for an energizing and alkalizing juice: kale, swiss-chard, cucumber, celery, lemon and a little apple (try using watermelon when it is in season instead of apple for sweetness). ‘I always add a scoop of Green Superfood powder. This adds all the extra ingredients that make for a perfect juice that may be missing with just the vegetables.’

For a great Spring Cleanse Rose-Marie suggests:

Go with a Juice Cleanse

The best way to do a spring cleanse is where you take only juice for 3 days avoiding anything sugary like carrot, beets or fruit. You can drink as much juice and as much fresh pure water as possible also. If you can do 5 days it is even better. This will flush the system and allow the organs to rest.

Flush it out

Get a colonic if possible to help flush toxins out easier. You will feel amazing! I am also a fan of far infrared saunas. They detox the body and are better than Swedish saunas. Nothing will make you feel better and ready for the summer.

Detox your Kit

Next up, change to organic beauty products so the skin is happier and will remain youthful longer.

Be Still

My final tip, but just as important as the rest, is try some meditation. It will ease the mind and clean the spirit.

Thanks Rose-Marie!

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