Celebrating One Year of Organic Beauty Cards with Volt Cafe

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In celebration of the twelve months of Organic Beauty Cards on Volt Cafe, we spoke to Organic Beauty Editor Linda Ohrstrom to find out the inspiration behind their inception…

“I started ‘The Organic Beauty Project’ at Volt Café when I discovered my body was full of heavy metals. Very similar story to Rose Marie Swift’s, only my doctors didn’t see the make-up artist connection. I only realised this when I came across her story as I at the same time started researching organic cosmetics – something I had wanted to start doing for a long time.

My bathroom was back to basics from years of hippie surf travel, using only coconut for everything whilst at my job as a make-up artist I offered up a beauty buffet of chemicals. It just didn’t fit in to my organic lifestyle any longer and that’s when I made the decision to detox my professional make-up kit.

I wanted to share the knowledge I had aquired on my own organic beauty journey in a fresh and inspiring way and this is how Volt Beauty Cards were born. The illustrated cards are a visual way to present tips and products in a unique guise to create something collectable – like old fashioned cooking cards but with recipes for a happy healthy skin and earth.”

If you want to pick the beauty brands of one of our favorite organic make-up artist it’s well worth scrolling through the archives for both beautiful images and new finds. We love!






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