Four ways to use coconut

Four Ways To Use Coconut Sustainably

Coconut oil has been a sleeper hit that’s found its way into almost our entire beauty routine from teeth brushing, to body scrubs, moisturising,…

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Required Reading: Books About Love

There is no better time to combine your love of love and your love of books than in February. Love is, undoubtedly, the most…

Carcinogens in your Beauty Products

Are there Carcinogens in your Beauty Products?

In today’s world, it’s easy to be slip into thinking that anything and everything is contributing to our demise – including our beauty products….

A History Of The Love Token

Happy Valentine’s Day! From antiquity to the modern age, proclamations of love and longing have been expressed through the giving of sentimental objects. This…

Books to read

Required Reading: January 2018

We’re all about finding the delicate balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance. Whether you’re kickstarting 2018 wanting to change the world or look after yourself…

wellness events london 2018

What’s On: London Wellness Events 2018

Suffering from the post-Christmas blues? The quickest way to banish them is to get some London wellness events in the diary. Whether you want to…