Cacao Skincare Benefits: 14 Organic & Natural Products to Try

cacao skincare benefits
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Raw chocolate makes for one of our favourite skin food snacks (read more on the nutritional benefits of it here). Did you know that when applied topically, there are some pretty amazing cacao skincare benefits? With an array of free radical neutralising antioxidants and high levels of flavanol, superfood cacao has been shown to improve the functioning of blood vessels, which in turn increases microcirculation, skin density and hydration (1).

Cacao is a rich source of minerals including sulfur, copper, manganese, zinc, iron and omega06 fatty acids. Applied topically, these minerals absorb into the skin. This helps supply us with some of the key nutrients necessary for healthy skin, whilst promoting cellular healing and cell damage prevention. Read on for our favourite ways to utilise the skin-enhancing benefits of cacao in our natural beauty regime.

Cacao for Antioxidants

Lina Hanson Global Treasures: This enhancing multi-purpose balm holds a fusion of potent antioxidant rich skin foods. Use it as a deeply nourishing treatment for neck and the delicate eye area. With both cocoa seed butter and coffee bean oil, you’ll get an antioxidant kick that helps depuff, diminish dark circles and plump skin.

Skin and Tonic Coffee Body Scrub: Utilising finely ground coffee from a local Hackney coffee roastery in combination with fair trade sugar, this nourishing scrub delivers a range of vitamins and nutrients while softening and ensuring long-lasting hydration.

Cacao for a Brightening Effect

de Mamiel Brightening Cleanser and Exfoliate: The cacao skincare benefits of this natural cleanser work to smooth and polish skin to reveal its natural radiance and glow. Think of this as a vitamin fix to combat the ‘blah’ dulling effects of fast city living and staring at screens.

Evolve Radiant Glow Mask: Combining raw cacao with superior nourishment from plant oils including almond oil, this vegan face mask will help you gently buff your way to a brightened and glowing complexion. Just be careful, it smells good enough to eat!

Cacao for All-Over Moisture

Laidbare Butter Me Up: To ensure skin stays soft and supple all year long, you can’t go wrong with the cacao skincare benefits of this thick body butter. The deeply softening properties of cocoa butter inside makes it a staple of our organic beauty regimes.

Cacao for Micro-Circulation

Amala Rejuvenating Range: If you’d like to see the full spectrum of cacao skincare benefits, this range is for you. All products contain cocoa bean to help stimulate micro-circulation whilst restoring elasticity and hydrating dry, taut or dehydrated skin. This is your antioxidant protection from free radical damage.

Apply the Rejuvenating Toner to smooth skin and refine pores, then the Rejuvenating Serum, which contains the highest percentage of actives for a concentrated superfood boost to the skin.

Apply Rejuvenating Face Cream to restore natural moisture and leave skin hydrated and protected from free radical damage. Also great to pair with the Advanced Firming Complex.

Afterwards, wash your hands and dry well. Follow by applying Amala Rejuvenating Hand Cream to deeply moisturise and protect dry, chapped hands.

For a weekly skin treat, apply the Amala Rejuvenating Collagen Mask to revive, heal and restore the skin’s natural smoothness.

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