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Bringing together leading pioneers and visionaries in the fields of wellbeing and neuroscience, Hacking Happiness is a 3 day conference designed to equip us with the tools and insights to unlock our full potential on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

Covering commonly explored themes in the sector of wellbeing such as meditation and nutrition, speakers will reveal the positive experiences they unlocked through changing their diets, becoming more mindful and discovering neuroscience, all practises and modes of knowledge that have assisted them in hacking their own happiness.

Extolling recent findings and proven technologies on how to increase your happiness and performance, a global line-up of experts on productivity, meditation, nutrition and fitness will provide inspiration and practical information so you too can enhance your own potential.

Below we have revealed our pick of faces not to be missed…

Dr David Cox – chief medical officer at ‘headspace’

Overseeing all of the science and medical-related research at award-winning digital health platform and meditation app Headspace, Cox was a qualified doctor before moving on to healthcare system design and management with an increasing focus on mental health.

Rohan Gunatillake – Buddhify app founder

Heading up 21awake, a creative studio that combines deep experience in meditation, technology and design best known for its best selling app on urban mindfulness, buddhify founder Rohan Gunatillake is an innovation producer and entrepreneur working combining smart technology with modern mindfulness.

Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi – runs the Mindful Eating Course at the Mindfulness Project

A Clinical Psychologist, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist and senior lecturer on mental health and wellbeing, Cinzia qualified as a mindfulness teacher at the University of Bangor (North Wales, UK) and trained as a Mindful Eating trainer in Boston, USA where she is now a board member at the Centre of Mindful Eating. Cinzia is currently leading the Mindful Eating workshops at The Mindfulness Project here in the UK.

Levi Felix – Digital Detox founder

After an accident that forced Digital Detox founder Levi Felix to leave his “always on” high-flying job, Felix founded his company dedicated to creating balance in the digital age. Hosting Digital Detox retreats – mindfulness based and psychological driven programs comprised of journaling, yoga, arts and crafts, and more, all with one agenda; disconnect to reconnect – Felix now runs his “grown-up” Summer camps world over.

Gelong Thubten – Buddhist Monk

A Buddhist monk of the Kagyu Tibetan tradition, Gelond Thubten hails from Scotland where he has worked as a monk for 21 years. He specialises in teaching mindfulness and meditation in corporate settings as well as in hospitals, schools, prisons and addiction rehab centres using a non-religious approach.

Sabina Alexandra – Kahla founder

Fancy your own personal nutritionist on speed dial? 24 year old founder of soon-to-be-launched Kahla has created a platform that does just that. Enabling you to text questions or schedule audio and video consultations with selected nutritionists, the app will provide instant personalised answers, free educational content and inspiring tips and recommendations on all things nutrition.

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