Bold Enough To Change The Beauty Industry: The Scientists

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The nature vs. science debate is often brought up in the beauty industry but in reality it is redundant. The premise of these discussions is often that somehow science and synthetically developed ‘scientific ingredients’ straight out of the lab are superior in performance. But here is the thing – nature IS science. Nothing proves this more than the scientists behind many natural skincare and cosmetic brands. Today we meet Dr Doris Brandhuber, the inspiring woman behind one of our beloved brands at CONTENT.

Dr Doris Brandhuber – co-founder of Less is More

One of the first Australian companies to be B Corp certified, Less is More haircare is making waves in the natural and organic beauty industry for its dedication to environmental and social sustainability and responsibility. The innovative formulations at the heart of the brand are credited to chemist Dr Doris Brandhuber. She set her sights on creating a new breed of haircare that opts for renewable resources in ingredients first, and from certified organic farming whenever possible.

Biomimicry has been a long time fascination of Dr Brandhuber. It was this interdisciplinary focus that guided Less is More to not only be a company that sought to have natural ingredients on its labels, but also set the bar for haircare that harnessed the nourishing properties of these ingredients that were both kind to the consumer and the environment. Not only is Dr Brandhuber protecting our planet with her mindful sourcing and innovative formulas (most of which are certified organic) but she is giving us great hair to match. Our pick from the range? Try the Lindengloss Shampoo.

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