BLOGGERS CORNER: The Glow Getter Shares Top 5 Tips from Kjaer Weis Consultation

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Last March, we hosted a competition on our Pinterest page to win a personalised Skype consultation with Kirsten Kjaer Weis, founder of the cult organic beauty range Kjaer Weis. Naturally, many fellow natural beauties jumped at the chance, but it was lucky Ailish, an organic beauty aficionado and beauty blogger, who bagged this fantastic prize after some ferocious pinning. Since sharing is caring, we asked Ailish to dish out the beauty wisdom gained from the consultation with us – to which she happily agreed. Read on for some exclusive tips from organic beauty expert Kirsten herself! If you love all things natural beauty, make sure to visit her blog The Glow Getter. Now, over to Ailish…

The thing I love about make-up and natural beauty is that there is ALWAYS more to learn. You often get told (and it is actually true) that your real training starts when you get out of the classroom and into the real world. So naturally, I was so excited when I won a consultation with the incredible Kristen, founder of Kjaer Weis. I was nervous, excited and in awe. What this lady has created is amazing. It’s the Cartier of cosmetic design (and recyclable), natural and luxurious.  What I learnt from Kristen, will stay with me for a ever – she is insightful, talented and most of all, an inspiring lady! So enough of how in awe I was with what I had won, what did I learn?! Read on my Content beauties, welcome to the world of Kjaer Weis.

Tip 1. Beauty starts from the Inside: We all kind of know this already but always brush it aside: there is only so much a product can do for us because, beauty comes from within. Kristen starts her day with green juice (green lemonade if you’re Kristen) and always has 2 litres of water a day – and you can tell.  So get drinking your green juices girls, and glow from the inside out.

Tip 2. Don’t always think you need concealer under your eyes: We chatted about how I sometimes get a lot of build up under my eyes because of foundation and concealer due to those deep, dark bags that have a party underneath my peepers. Kristen blew it out of the water and simply said, just don’t use it. Go with foundation as your coverage for underneath there and keep it at that. The Kjaer Weis Foundation is amazing for that, as it’s ground breaking: super sheer but gives coverage, moisturising and is basically skincare, because of the amazing ingredients.

Tip 3. Don’t be afraid to work with your fingers: The debate rages on with who prefers what, which is better and what gives the best finish. Kristen is a fingers girl for the most part. She loves to feel the products in her hands and warming the product to use on the face. If her makeup was anything to go by from our consultation, I’ll be using fingers from now on. The blush that she uses most on herself is Desired Glow. You can use this all over the face to instantly look like you’ve come back from your holidays and you radiate beauty. I shall be stocking up immediately.

Tip 4. Highlight down your nose: Now, I’ve not really done this much before. I’ve always stayed away from doing anything with my nose, because, it’s just my nose. Kristen talked about highlighting with Radiance from her collection on the cheekbones and down your nose. It gives a glowy, dewy, super pretty look and leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the world. Highlighting your nose is now a new trend. You heard it here first!

Tip 5. And finally, Kristen’s last nugget of wisdom. If you mist your eye brush with some water and use the eye shadows, the pigment becomes more intense and gives you a totally different look for a night out. That means you’re essentially buying two eyeshadows for the price of one. Which means that you’ve saved money from only buying one eyeshadow. Which means, you can buy another one and then you have four. Girls, not only are the products incredible, we now have two for one eyeshadows as well! If you’ve not checked Kjaer Weis out before, I recommend you do so. It’s basically skincare with coverage. Downright amazing.

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