BLOGGERS CORNER: Clean Beauty Co. Share their Organic Beauty Favourites & DIY Beauty Recipe

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Let us introduce you to one of the latest beauty blogs to come under our natural beauty radar: Clean Beauty CoFounded by London-based Elsie and Dominika, it documents their journey into clean beauty, by way of DIY natural beauty recipes, as well as reviews of their favourite products. After ditching their “commercial-synthetic-products” and replacing them with “homemade, natural and paraben-free versions” they decided to share their creations with the green beauty community. All with a dose of infectious enthusiasm!

The lovely ladies from CBCo have also created a recipe especially for you Content beauties: the “Content Fuss-Free”, an all-natural in-shower moisturiser, for soft, supple skin. Get the recipe below, along with their pick of natural beauty products. For more, be sure to check out their blog. 


After obsessing over food labels and fully embracing the recent clean eating movement, we started to connect the dots between our beauty routine and what lurked in the products we were slathering all over our skin. Because our skin is actually the biggest organ in our body – and those products all get absorbed. Switching to clean, natural and green beauty was the obvious next step for us. We haven’t looked back since making the change and wanted to document our journey and learning – and so Clean Beauty Co was born. We were thrilled to discover how easy and enjoyable it is to make our own beauty products and most of our essentials will be stuff that we’ve concocted at CBCo HQ – think hair oils, toners, natural body scrubs and face masks. For anything we’re not quite ready to make ourselves, then we’ll turn to the natural beauty community for pointers on the best brands, exciting new products and all-round must-haves. There are some great green beauty bloggers out there so we pick up tips from their site,  as well as relying on recommendations or reviews from the wonderful followers across our social pages. But here are some of our current favourite organic beauty products:

  • Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner – After trying Rahua’s Finishing Treatment, we were really keen to try their shampoo conditioner duo. Rahua uses ingredients from the Amazon: a truly unique blend of quiona, palo salto, coconut and shea butter. The combo is very rich, perfect for dry and distressed locks and the after effect is of nice fullness and shine. We love the scent, it just smells so wholesome and nutritious!
  • Absolution Le Nettoyant Purete Cleanser – We adore foamy cleansers, to give that feeling of being squeaky clean. It’s 99% natural with no nasties, topped up with chamomile and oat extract. It’s refreshing and our skins have been feeling firm and soft. Works well for normal to dry skin and the skin has kept nice and supple, without the need for a heavy moisturiser post cleanse.
  • ILIA Beauty Lipstick in ‘Strike it Up’ – We were on the hunt for a good lippy, and fell in love with the strong red called Strike It Up. It held really well, and with the help of the Lavera red lip liner, was easily applied within the lines and didn’t bleed outside the lips. It has a great tone, where sometimes the natural colours can be a bit flat. A thumbs up from us!
  • Dr Bronner’s Lavender Organic Body Wash – Dr Bronner is such a great brand and their 18-in-1 soap is awesome as it’s so versatile! We use it as a shower gel but it can also be used as a cleanser or even a shampoo. The lavender range is our favourite as it smells just lovely and leaves skin feeling moisturised, although you do have to get over the initial soap-like, almost dry feeling.
  • rms beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up – We have a pretty huge brand crush on rms beauty. Their products are wonderful and it’s one of the most natural cosmetic brands that we’ve found so far (and it actually works). This cover up is light but provides good coverage and, with coconut oil being it’s main ingredient, it’s actually really moisturising. Plus, you only need a tiny bit at a time, so it lasts for ages.



All hail fuss free! You know how Nivea made that in-shower moisturiser? This is the CBCo version, clean and filled with goodness. Lathering this all over means you don’t have to dance around naked while the moisturiser all over your skin dries. Not that we ever do that. Bounce out of the shower soft and supple (and we promise your skinny jeans won’t get white marks everywhere).

We have re-jazzed our classic recipe for Content customers. We know you healthy bunnies lead hectic lives, so we’ve developed a super special version designed to relax and soothe tired muscles, perfect for post-Pilates or post-yoga class. Plus, you’ll walk out of the shower smelling like a bunch of flowers!



Melt down the coconut oil in a bain-marie and blend in the other oils, leave in the fridge to reset. Use in-shower. Fuss-free can be used for anything from healing eczema, shaving cream, spray tan prolonger, or general skin-feels-like-baby’s-bum softness.

Shelf Life: Guaranteed to use it all before it could go off. But 6 months.

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