The Content Guide: The Best Natural Hair Products for Fine Hair

natural hair products for fine hair
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As with everything, there is not a one size fits all approach to the best natural hair products for fine hair. Fine hair by definition is hair in which the diameter of each individual strand is fine, as opposed to how many strands you have (density of hair).

One of the most common battles fine-haired people face is not being able to achieve the same volume and texture they see on their thick-haired friends. To achieve voluminous hair with ease (if you want it, that is!) and say goodbye to a limp/flat style, get our guide to caring for your hair with the best natural hair products for fine hair.

Best Natural Hair Products for Fine Hair

Cleanse & Condition

The frequency and way in which you cleanse and condition your fine hair is important for getting maximum volume. Frequency is very dependent on the density of your hair and as a general rule, straight fine hair needs more frequent washing than coarse fine hair, which can last a little longer.

One of the best cleansing and conditioning pairs to add volume to fine hair is the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner. Formulated for body and bounce it uses the signature Rahua nut oil and wheat protein to increase volume.

Less Is More Aloe Mint Volume Shampoo & Conditioner provide a revitalising, cleanse specifically for fine hair. Horsetail extract strengthens the hair from the root and helps to optimise sebum production – a great option if your fine hair gets oily, The Less Is More Aloe Mint Volume Conditioner contains white clay that is cleansing and anti-inflammatory, helping to balance and soothe the scalp and give extra volume.

Finishing & Treatment

When it comes to styling fine hair, avoiding oil-based products is key, as the oil may weigh down your hair – again, making it look limp and flat. Instead, opt for “hold” products that typically don’t have oils in them and will provide volume and texture.

Apply to Wet Hair

The Josh Rosebrook Lift Volume Spray acts as a thickening agent with a natural finish. The unique Organic Yucca plant protects the scalp, creating pliability and natural expansion in the hair.

Similarly, the Rahua Volumising Spray provides soft-hold and light texture. The citrus extracts break down surface oils and impart a fresh, natural aroma along with lavender and eucalyptus. The longer you use Rahua Voluminous Hair Spray the fuller your hair becomes!

Dry Application

For a natural, tousled “beach hair” look with easy dry application, use the Rahua Enchanted Island Salt. This salty spray inspired by the lush Galapagos Islands includes natural pink sea salt for texture, body and hold; guayaba sugars for additional moisture; and hibiscus extract to strengthen and add additional bounce and shine. The John Masters Sea Salt Spray gives your hair extra body and wave from the key ingredient – you guessed it – sea salt, just like you’ve been swimming in the ocean!

Less Is More Angelroot Volume Spray acts as a root-lifting styling spray, creating lightweight volume and a healthy shine. Beet sugar is a key organic ingredient in this spray, giving the hair volume, strong hold and moisture too.

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