Bold Enough To Change The Beauty Industry: The Gamechangers

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We take a look at a couple of brand founders who we think have changed the beauty industry in general for the better.

Rose-Marie Swift of Rms Beauty

Remember when natural make-up felt like the little sister of the big name brands? Around 2009 this started to change and things started to look up for those of us interested in natural beauty. Paving the way forward was Rms Beauty, created by vetted make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. “I consider this brand to be the pioneer of modern natural cosmetics”, says CONTENT founder Imelda Burke in her book The Nature of Beauty. “For the first time, there was a range that combined organic ingredients with colours we actually wanted to wear, and it offered performance to rival mainstream brands along with packaging we weren’t embarrassed to be seen with.”

Rose-Marie Swift was the straight-talking figurehead the natural beauty sector needed. As one of the earliest leaders of this new breed of modern organic brands, Rose-Marie was bold enough to call out her own industry and challenge what was in products while providing a viable alternative. This was the first step for what was to be a revolutionary change in the industry, and many brands followed her lead. We recommend following the Rms Beauty Instagram account for a dose of food-for-thought along with product pics. Our pick of the range? Try the Content Lip Shine.

Lina Hanson of Lina Hanson

Beginning her career as a make-up artist, Lina found herself gravitating towards more natural make-up looks, and this became her preferred approach as a make-up artist. From working on every skin type imaginable, Lina also saw that the more you focus on getting your skincare right, the less make-up was needed. After years of painting faces, Lina combined her knowledge into a skincare line with an industry changing message.

Lina Hanson’s initiative, the I AM GLOBAL BEAUTY campaign, is at the heart of why she ultimately started her own company. Growing up in a small town in Sweden and looking different than anyone she knew due to her darker features, it took Lina a long time to fully embrace her uniqueness. Before she even launched her first product, Lina knew her brand would have an all-inclusive, globally conscious approach to beauty.

“For the longest time, there’s been a stereotypical idea of what beauty is. We’re constantly told through media that we’re ‘less than’ and that we should look a certain way. Our world is so diverse and I don’t think all the different types of beauty are accurately represented.”

Our pick of the range? Try the Global Treasures.

Other Notable Mentions

  • Kjaer Weis: For changing the way we view eco-friendly, refillable packaging – finally someone made beautiful and worthy.
  • Amala: For changing the way brands source ingredients, by supporting fairtrade growing practices around the world.

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Header Image: Lina Hanson