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As early adopters of natural and holistic remedies, we find aromatherapy products to be one of the most effective (and pleasant) methods of caring and looking after ourselves. As a testament to that, we have tried many aromatherapeutic organic beauty treatments over the years. Our picks are the ideal hybrid between natural beauty and wellness, seamlessly crossing the line between nourishing both body and mind – meaning they are ‘physiologically’ effective and mood-balancing. So, which ones made the final cut? Find out below.

If you’d like to know more about essential oils and how they work, we’ve compiled some surprising key facts here.

Aromatherapy Products to Cultivate Kindness

When your energy and mood are running low, and you’re finding it tough being nice to others (and yourself), try these Content favourites…

Tata Harper Irritability Treatment: If you’re feeling a little out of sorts (or feel that the world is), roll on some of this powerful and soothing blend of bergamot, rose and patchouli throughout the day to help banish irritability.

Skin & Tonic Calm Balm: Inhaling deep breaths of this calming blend of lavender and chamomile will bring swift relief when someone is getting on your nerves. It helps restore a sense of serenity that may be needed for forging ahead.

Biocol Something For The Knackered: It’s much easier to be kind when you’re not burnt out. This formula contains magnesium, which helps with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, as well as ginseng, which contributes to vitality. You will be spreading a smile on someone else’s face (and yours) in no time!

Aromatherapy Products to Ignite Motivation

Need a little motivational boost? These are our go-to energising aromatherapeutic infusions…

de Mamiel Seasonal Oils: These oils are truly a thing of beauty. They motivate us with ‘inspired action’ thanks to a blend of seasonal supportive oils that are targeted to help cope with the season’s shifts and achieve balance and harmony.

The Nue Co Nootro Focus: The afternoon slump is real. This cognitive supplement works to recharge the brain, heighten mental clarity, sharpen your focus and reduce anxiety. A renewed sense of clarity will help you shoot for – and reach – your goals.

Aum Aromatherapy Activate Body Mist: Used as either a room or body spray, eucalyptus and pink grape will lift your senses while litsea cubeba (otherwise known as may chang) will have you invigorated and ready for action.

Aromatherapy Products to Stress-Less

During particularly stressful times, we need all the help we can get! When the going gets tough, try these grounding and calming natural beauty treatments…

The Cacao Club Herb Infused Cacao for Stress & Anxiety: If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, try this aromatherapeutic drinking chocolate, which contains a mix of Cacao, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwagandha and Hawthorn Berry. It really helps dispel nervousness and uplift the senses.

Wild Nutrition Ashwagandha Plus: This adaptogenic herb can protect against the effects of toxic stress by helping the body ‘adapt’ to certain conditions. Ashwagandha can help strengthen and balance your body’s response to stress and other changing environments.

Synergy Co. Super B Complex: Containing all eight B vitamins, this supplement could help you maintain your energy levels, support brain function and improve your mood – everything you need to keep those stress levels under control.

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