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Raspberry-PerfumeFrom cocktails to chocolate, essential oils and fragrances are increasingly making their way into the culinary arena. With our focus on Aroma this April, we are excited to bring to you the people, the recipes and the inspiration behind our favourite scent inspired food and beverages within the burgeoning scene of food & fragrance.

Our sense of smell is known to be 10,000 times more sensitive than our sense of taste, therefore it could be argued that it is aroma, not taste, that comprises our primary interaction with food. This month we will be featuring the chefs, the mixologists and the perfumers at the forefront of food & fragrance, creatively incorporating essential oils and aroma’s within their recipes – enabling for a stimulating, heightened multi-sensory eating experience like no other.

Meet The Innovators

Get spirited with a recipe for an invigorating iced-tea infused with scent. Indulge in a cocktail spiked with uplifting essential oils and floral waters. Tantalise your tastebuds with dairy, soy and gluten-free chocolatier Laura Coxeter’s essential oil infused chocolates. Read an exclusive interview with psychotherapist-turn-natural perfumer Mandy Aftel before cooking up an aroma-fied array of her fragrant delights such as White peach-jasmine sorbet and Orange flower custard as found in her Aroma cookbook.

Engage with your sense as never before and stay tuned for exclusive interviews, recipes and the latest on all things Food & Fragrance throughout Aroma April.