AROMA APRIL: #Formulas – Tools Of The Trade

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The-Peddler-by-Unfold-and-Barnabé-Fillion_dezeen_unfold_2From wearable perfume diffusers to 3D printed dilluters –  revolutionising the way we experience perfume – Belgian design studio Unfold and industrial designer Jody Kocken are amongst some of our favourite product designers to fuse innovative design initiatives with fragrance technology.

Created exclusively for French perfume Barnabe Fillion’s brand The Peddler, Belgian design studio Unfold has developed a set of 3D printed ceramic tools created exclusively for diluting and diffusing Fillons fragrance. Printed from fine layers of ceramic to create a stratified surface, the apparatus consists of a series of objects to dilute the perfume along with a diffuser that dissipates the scent inspired by the essence that is released in the atmosphere when you cut through a piece of fruit along with the intricate inner structure that is revealed.

pertoolsThe 3D perfume tool is designed to naturally release the perfumes scent over time through an oak and aluminum based contraption counterbalanced by a weight that causes the diffuser to rotate releasing the scent as it spins.

Though not currently used for the diffusion of natural perfumes – we are excited for the possibilities that this poses for how we may experience natural fragrance in the not too distant future.

Also emerging on the scene this year as the 2014 winner of the Wallpaper* Magazine Design Awards – we are currently coveting Jody Kocken’s collection gorgeous collection of perfume tools. A passion for design that stemmed from a desire to create objects that make life more beautiful along with her hate/love relationship with the perfume industry, Kocken’s collection of industrial jewellery pieces, designed to be worn on the pulse points that one would normally spritz with their favourite fragrance are not only a valuable asset to those of us with particularly sensitive skin but also to those of us wishing to change up our customary perfume rituals.

Upon discovering she was allergic to perfume herself, Kocken set out to find a solution that would allow her to wear perfume without damaging her allergy prone skin. After an unsuccessful search for a resolution, her collection of perfume tools were born.

Designed to be attached to the opening of a perfume bottle, the tools absorb the scent, releasing the aroma throughout the day much like a fragrance diffuser. Due to the intended placement of each of her tools – the wrist, the chest and behind the ear – the scent is able to travel due to the heat producing areas of the skin of which the precious metals of the accessories come into contact with.

Whilst most of us select a fragrance that we apply each morning without much conscious thought, Kockens perfume tools incorporate a rare physical element into our perfuming rituals, reminding us of the essence we choose to represent ourselves each day. Explore more of these creations on the links below.

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