Rose Quartz Love Tonic Recipe from The Herball

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Nothing is more refreshing than a bubbly, crisp and sweetly aromatic pick-me-up. Ticking all the necessary boxes is The Herball‘s Love Tonic, infused with rose quartz and featuring some of our favourite organic skincare ingredients – aromatic lavender and wild rose – adding a fragrant edge to a Champagne-based classic.



  1. Charge a piece of rose quartz crystal with love, sunshine, the moon or positive intentions and then place in a freezer
  2. Once frozen, remove from the freezer and place in bottom of glass jug or decanter
  3. Pour all ingredients (apart from the flower remedy and spritz) over the crystal in the order stated above.
  4. Stir briefly then gently decant into an elegant Champagne flute.
  5. Top with more champagne.

This must-try recipe can be enjoyed any time of the year – however here at CONTENT, this invigorating delight always sends us daydreaming of sitting in the garden on a sunny spring afternoon!

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