AROMA APRIL: Celebrating Fragrance – Introducing Abel Organics to the UK

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Originally hailing from the vineyards of New Zealand where Abel Organics founder Frances Shoemack worked within the wine trade – two years after a sporadic move to Amsterdam in search of a new adventure, Shoemack found herself embarking on an unexpected career change into the world of natural fragrance. Read on to find out more about the brand she created …..

The Brand

Unable to find an organic perfume that looked and smelt great, Frances Shoemack set out to create one herself. Utilizing 100% organic ingredients without compromising luxury – Shoemack inaugurated a brand of her own – aptly titled Abel after the Dutch explorer who discovered New Zealand in 1642.

Collaborating with fellow New Zealander Isaac Sinclair – a rising star within fine fragrance and Australasia’s only certified ‘Nose’ – the two worked together passionately on a mission to create a standout fragrance using only the best ingredients. After months of deliberation emerged Vintage ’13 – the debut fragrance from Abel Organics that Shoemac describes as “a comforting cloak of familiarity and nostalgia

The Abel Philsophy

  • To appreciate the small things in life such as a perfectly made coffee or a knowing, bemused glance with an old friend
  • The belief in self love – of daily treats and of ‘good’ indulgences such as feasting on fresh berries picked roadside, Sunday morning sleep-ins and Saturday afternoon love making
  • The belief that indulgence need not have a negative impact on the earth, its inhabitants of the indulger
  • The belief that scent has the ability to almost magically enrich our lives.
  • The belief that natural perfume is alive and evolving as it’s worn, creating a scent unique to the wearer

We Love

That Abel perfume is good enough to eat, literally! In line with Aroma April’s focus on formulas within food and fragrance – their blog features a delicious recipe for a refreshing iced tea combining herbal tea leaves with honey, fresh ginger, lemon, orange, thyme and a spray of their debut fragrance Vintage ’13 to add a whole lot of flair and a host of antioxidants to a classic Summer sipper (a splash of vodka or whisky is optional) Yum!

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with founder Frances Shoemack coming soon to CONTENT.