8 Anti Pollution Skincare Products for Your Organic Beauty Routine

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It’s no secret that airborne pollutants can take a toll on mind and health and your skin feels the effects too. Even if you don’t live in a big city, we’d wager you are probably still exposed on the regular to smoke, dust, car exhaust and of course harmful rays from the sun. All of which can cause skin stress from clogged pores to inflammation. Antioxidants are your best bet for warding off the damage of air pollution. If you have switched to organic skincare, it’s highly likely these protective ingredients are in many of your products! After using your natural cleanser and toner which start the process of wiping away the dirt of the day, these are our top leave-on anti pollution skincare products to slot into your organic beauty routine.


It’s time to call on a trusty organic face mask to remove build up of indoor and outdoor grime. You don’t need to live in The Big Smoke to see the benefits of the Twelve The London Mask. With only 50 pots made a month, it’s limited edition is a testament to its handmade, toxin-fighting fresh formula. Inside are restorative ingredients such as kaolin clay to draw out dirt and rice starch which creates a protective barrier to keep moisture in and pollutants out. Two other anti pollution skincare products we always have on the go are the Tata Harper Purifying Mask and Bybi Beauty Detox Dust Powder. The former was voted Best Face Mask by Glamour for a reason. You need only a thin layer to clear surface buildup and benefit from the probiotics inside. Also great for city living, let Bybi’s charcoal and papaya enzymes help flush out impurities and brighten if you find your skin often feeling congested. If you can’t get enough of K-Beauty, check out the Seeds Peeling Finger Mitt Pore Care from certified organic Whamisa. Grab one of the pre-soaked mitts afters cleansing, and swipe for its plant plant-derived exfoliants go to work aiding skin regeneration.


Another way to sneak antioxidants into your natural skincare routine is with an organic serum. Look for ferulic acid, one of our favourites. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, ferulic acid has the ability to chelate heavy metals. In other words, it helps keep metals from being deposited onto the skin. You’ll find ferulic acid in anti pollution skincare products such as de Mamiel Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir. It’s found in potent rice bran oil, helping shield against pollution, irritation and premature ageing. Another for environmentally stressed skin is Kypris Antioxidant Dew. We love layering it on in the AM and PM to combat skin damaging free radical formation.


The last step of your morning and evening skincare routine, consider your organic moisturiser your outer coat against the elements. We are particular fans of the Mádara Smart Antioxidants line using a skin resilience promoting complex including ferns, lichens, moss and lady’s mantle. Your skin type won’t exclude you either. Go for the Cream formulation if you have dry skin, and for combination to normal skin types, opt for the Fluid. Give your skin a good night’s sleep and recovery time from the air aggressors of the day with Trilogy’s Rosapene Night Cream. Thanks to tomato seed and acai berry oils, you’ll get all the perks of a natural night cream and protection against environmental stressors.

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