Adaptable skincare: mix and blend to personalise your ritual

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One size does not fit all skin types or skin moods, so we love to use adaptable skincare to suit the season, our hormonal cycle or dietary/lifestyle fallout. As in life, every day is different for the skin, so stay tuned in, check what you need then mix and blend away.

What does adaptable skincare mean?

Adaptable skincare is our term for products that you can blend to increase or decrease the levels of ingredients to suit you. That could be adding more vitamin C if you need brightening, increasing levels of actives in a mask or changing the carrier you blend in from water or oil to honey or yogurt. You can also adapt skincare to save time. Combine your serum and oil to skip a step and get out the door faster (in a calm and focused way, mind).

You can adapt most types of skincare from masks, to treatments, SPFs and moisturisers. Some are better than others at playing well together, so here are a few ways we like to adapt our favourites.

Are you ready to adapt your skincare?

12 adaptable skincare ideas to mix now

Adaptable treatments

  1. Nuori Supreme Polishing Treatment – Nuori’s two part Supreme Polishing Treatment smells of delicious fermented acerola cherry. On its own, the enzyme complex leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Add part two, the Powder Booster, to the level that’s right for you, and you have a personalised blend that adapts to the changing needs of your skin.
  2. Odacité Concentrates – The whole reason for being with this range is to be blended and mixed. Genius! Have a spot? Grab the Pimple Concentrate. Sun-spots? grab the Hyper-pigmentation Concentrate – there is literally one for every skin occasion. The Discovery Kits are an easy way to try the brand. Adapt the Odacité Oleosomes Time-Release Delivery Crème with your ideal Serum Concentrate for sensitive, dull or pimple-prone skin.
  3. Agent Nateur Vitamin C – Powdered Vitamin C is turning up in many a green beauty’s bathroom cabinet. The Agent Nateur Holi C Refining Face Vitamins are a great example of this new skin essential. Made to be mixed in with your moisturiser, SPF or serum, this is especially good for dealing with scarring, acne and rosacea.

Adaptable masks

  1. Dafna’s Revival Bio-Active Mask – Two stage masks are ideal for adapting. The Capsulated Charcoal in Dafna’s mask is only activated when you need to balance the skin and reduce the impact of free radicals. Apply the mask to the face and leave for 5-10 minutes, then blend in the charcoal to the levels you prefer and leave for up to 5 minutes.
  2. Dr Alkaitis’ Skin Food Masks – the Universal Mask and the Enzyme Exfoliating Mask are both designed to be adapted with water or organic goat’s milk yoghurt and/or a teaspoon of organic raw honey. Start with the Enzyme Exfoliating Mask choosing the carrier that bests suits your skin at the time. Then follow with the green superfood mask to feed the skin. Adding yoghurt and/or honey will keep the mask damp on the face, soothe the skin and optimise the ingredients,
  3. MV Organic Skincare – One of our Sunday rituals, we like to multi-mask with these three masks for a tailored masking experience. The three MV Organic Skincare masks blend with water for each application. Use the Energising Mineral Mask, Signature Mineral Mask and Purifying & Balancing Mask in zones around the face to target your different needs. Use the Energising Mask on areas that might be sun-damaged. Brush on the Signature Mask in more sensitive areas such as the neck. Apply the Purifying and Balancing Mask for oilier or more congested areas like the nose or chin.
  4. Bybi Beauty Detox Dust is an anti-pollution all-natural powder face mask, which is ideal for when your skin is dull and congested. Blend with water, yoghurt, oil or honey depending on how dry or dull your skin is.
  5. Lué is designed to treat challenging complexions. With three steps in the Skin Solution Set, you choose how much you need and how often. To start, mix Erase to a paste with water, apply to the face and rinse off within 1 minute. Then apply Balance as step two, or as often or little as you like in your favourite ritual. Then when spots appear, dab on Clear.
  6. Skin & Tonic encourages you to adapt the carrier to your skin. Choose Detox Mask, Gentle Scrub and Coco Mask and blend with water, yoghurt or honey as your skin requires.

DIY adapatables

  1. Mineral SPF – We like to blend out the white tint of zinc in mineral SPF with a little of our favourite foundations. The aim is not to dilute the SPF, so do be sure to add just a drop or two of colour to your sun protection.
  2. Beauty Mixology – If you’re pressed for time, you can compress two stages of your ritual into one. Mix your favourite serum with oil and get the benefit of both at the same time.

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