COME CLEAN: Brighten Up Your Day – How to Use Colour to Get You in the Mood

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This weeks COME CLEAN focus is on mind and mood and how we can positively influence keeping it on right side of cheery. In this post we look at how colour can affect our mood….

Artists, designers and some complementary therapies have long understood how colour can dramatically affect moods and emotions. Used well, it can be a powerful communication tool and can even create a physiological reaction, including raising blood pressure or increasing metabolism.

Colour can have a positive and powerful affect on our general health and well-being. The seven basic colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are all associated with different energy centres of the body – known as the seven Chakras. Colour can be used to balance and enhance our Chakras and  to help stimulate our body’s own healing process.  It is often used to re-balance the Chakras that have become depleted of energy.

In a similar way Flower Essences can have a great impact on the human energy fields, altering and influencing our emotional, mental and physical being. We love the Lotus Wei Flower Essences which have been designed to use colour, aromatherapy, flower essences, and crystal energy to positively alter and cleanse your mind and body. It is important to continually check-in with ourselves on a daily basis and acknowledge how we are feeling – are we bitter, angry or resentful. Are you living in the past or worried about the future?

All the negative thoughts that pass through our mind on a daily basis can have adverse effects on our body. So this week check yourself and get colour creative in the kitchen. Try juicing by colour to suit your mood…..

  • Get out of bed the wrong side, feeling a little grumpy? Go for orange.
  • Lacking inspiration? Make your breakfast yellow.
  • Feeling stressed? Go Blue.
  • Need to make some decisions? Pick Indigo.
  • Lacking motivation? Red light your day
  • Life a little chaotic? Sip a green juice
  • Can’t plan ahead, ‘feeling stuck’? Violet lights the way.

We are in the final week of the cleanse so of you may be re-introducing fruit to your day. Try some of the colourful recipes below to get you in the mood…

RED – Energizes and lift your spirits, motivates

SMOOTHIE: small beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger

BLUE – Brings Calm, peace and trust

SMOOTHIE: Blueberries, apple and spinach

YELLOW – Optimism, Confidence, New Ideas and Cheerfulness

SMOOTHIE: mango, coconut water, fresh lime juice

GREEN – Harmony, Balance and Growth

JUICE: Cucumber, celery, parsley, lime and spinach

VIOLET – Vision, Compassion and Truth

JUICE: Pomegranate and blueberries with lemon, mint and crushed ice

ORANGE – Warmth, Security, Abundance and Fun

JUICE: Carrot, orange and ginger

INDIGO – Intuition, perception and fairness

SMOOTHIE: Blueberry, raspberries and a pear