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Why up your zero waste plastic free game and switch to reusable products?  Simple. To reduce your plastics consumption. Single use plastic is a big, and growing, problem for our planet. Made as a byproduct of the oil industry, plastic does not biodegrade. Even plastics marketed as biodegradable must be placed under the right conditions to do so. Often plastics breakdown into smaller and smaller particles that eventually find their way into everything including oceans and our food chain.

How long does a plastic bottle take to break down? According to UK environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage, that disposable water bottle can be around for 450 years in a marine environment. It is a chilling thought that every piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still on Earth in some form. But there’s something you can do about it. And that is cut down your plastic consumption and be more conscious of how often disposables sneak into our lives. That’s why we created the REUSE category at CONTENT. RE:USE is a selection of reusable products to aid you in heading towards a zero waste lifestyle. At the very least, it will help you reduce your need for single-use plastics and paper materials encountered in our daily lives.


Take away containers, plastic cutlery and cling wrap – there’s a lot of rubbish generated just with the simple act of getting lunch. Try these zero waste reusable products on for size next meal time. It does mean making your own but that too has its benefits for your wallet and nutritional intake. Upgrade you kitchen plastic wrap to Abeego Wraps, avoid picking up plastic utensils when you grab and go with certified organic cutlery from Bambu Utensils.  Make your container BPA-free too, with our metal lunch boxes.

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The number of paper coffee cups produced a year in the UK is estimated at 5 billion. While they may seem recyclable, disposable coffee cups are often coated in plastic to keep them water tight. Many recycling facilities don’t even have the capacity to remove this, as reported in The Guardian. These reusable products will help clean up your next coffee break or juice run. For water or juice, we have switched to the BPA-free S’well Bottles who donate to UNICEF, helping to provide clean water to vulnerable children worldwide. After testing almost every take-away cup on the market, we have found Stelton To Go Cups to be the best. Not only for design but easy of use and no risk of breaking in our bags. Saying no at checkout to plastic or paper straws is easy if you are carrying one of  our reusable straws.

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Switching to card and cotton only organic cotton buds isn’t the only way to prevent wracking up more plastic waste. There are more ways you can incorporate reusable products onto your bathroom cabinet. For shaving (anywhere!), switch to a Mühle Razors. For a plastic-free toothbrush, try PearlBar. Just place these charcoal bristle toothbrushes in the ground when you are finished with them, and they will breakdown in approximately six months – a fraction of the time it takes for plastic to break down. Did you know your organic cotton muslin face cloth can be thrown in the compost? Go for the unbleached certified organic type such as Skin & Tonic Face Cloths. The craze for Konjac sponges continues. Due to their 100% vegetable fibre composition, they too can be composted when you have finished with them.

Wanting to avoid plastic in your beauty products too? Opt for products that are packaged in glass. It’s not a planet perfect solution as usually pumps and caps will still be made from a mix of materials. BUT at least the majority of the packaging can be recycled or reused. Shop our glass packaging category.

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