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For many of the us, life is filled with daily luxuries. We just don’t think sanitary products should be classed as one of them. From today, we will pay the VAT for you.

Here’s where UK legislation stands now
Menstrual sanitary products are currently subject to VAT at the rate of 5%.

Here’s the proposed new legislation
On March 24, 2016, a policy was proposed to add menstrual sanitary products to the zero-rate VAT group of taxed goods. The measure projects to affect 18 million people in the UK, who in turn will be able to acquire supplies of their sanitary products at a lower cost. It ensures they are not financially penalised for their sanitary necessities, which are not required by the rest of the population.

Here’s what we are doing
While menstruation care products are already subject to a reduced rate of VAT, the government still receives an estimated revenue of £15 million per year from VAT, courtesy of our periods. We don’t think you should have to wait on Parliament to make a decision that directly affects your wellbeing and your wallet. That’s why when you shop for sanitary products such as Yoni and OrganiCup at CONTENT, not only will they be organic, better for your body and better for the planet – but we’ll also cover the VAT cost for you.

Source: HM Revenues & Customs

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