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Three Initiatives to Help Reduce Plastic Waste

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Our waste problem won’t go away unless we all get active. Looking for inspiration? We’ve found three female-led movements who have come up with ways to reduce plastic waste or raise awareness around it. From upcycling discarded single-use plastic bags to using Instagram filters for activism and change, these three initiatives to help reduce plastic waste are a great starting point for making a difference.

Ifassen, Faiza Hajji

Founded in 2006 by Faiza Hajji, IFASSEN (‘made by hand’ in Berber) employs local women to turn thousands of discarded, single-use plastic bags into reusable objects such as shopping bags and lamps. The initiative began in a small Moroccan community nicknamed “Plastic Village” and has successfully upcycled approximately 51,000 single-use plastic bags.

#WeSeaThrough, Marina Testino

#WeSeaThrough is an awareness and action campaign started last year by Marina Testino. Participants pledge to change one daily habit to help alleviate the environmental harm caused by microplastics. To get involved, share a photo of yourself partially covered by a plastic item (or dressed in plastic if you’d rather not bare all) accompanied by a fact about microplastics on Instagram. Tag @MarinaTestino and #WeSeaThrough.

Climate Action Instagram Filter, Tolmeia Gregory

Sustainable fashion activist and blogger, Tolmeia Gregory, recently launched her own AR filter for Instagram. The filter cycles through randomised climate action suggestions and allows users to engage with environmental issues, raise awareness, and take action. To find her filter and more from Tolmeia Gregory, visit her profile on Instagram.

For more suggestions on how to reduce plastic waste in your home and beyond, read our Guide to Plastic Free Living (crowdsourced from you!)

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