THE PRODUCT: Pai Skincare Launch New Age Confidence Organic Facial Oil

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At Content, we truly believe that being beautiful is all about being content and radiating a healthy glow. The role of products is to enhance that beauty by bolstering the body’s health and well being. So we are excited to announce that Pai’s new  Age Confidence Oil, has been designed to help you feel confident and look fantastic in your own unique, radiant skin. Sarah Brown, Pai’s founder, describes her mission with this new oil as ”…an antidote to anti-ageing quick fixes, and encourages women to take a healthier approach to both their skin and their self-image.”

THE PRODUCT – Pai’s Age Confidence Oil is a luxurious blend of organic seed oils and plant extracts designed to boost the skins own hydration and repair processes, while actively reducing inflammation and oxidation caused by environmental stress. Used daily, this oil will help to soothe and nourish your complexion, leaving it glowing and plump while providing protection for graceful ageing. If your skin is dryer or showing signs of premature lines & wrinkles, read on for the full brief on how Age Confidence can help your complexion look fabulous, regardless of how many birthdays you’ve had.

THE INGREDIENTS – Featuring some lesser known but extremely effective seed oils, we’re very impressed by Pai’s bespoke 10 oil blend. Amaranth Oil which is high in squalene locks in moisture and increases elasticity.  Echium Oil, rich with Omegas 3 & 6, is highly anti-inflammatory and helps increase cell regeneration and repair. You can also find it in Pai’s Echium & Argan Eye Cream. Guggul Oil, an Ayurvedic staple, protects against collagen breakdown and increases skin metabolism, leading to a brighter and more revitalized complexion. Also included in the formula are Argan, Kukui, Sea Buckthorn, and Macadamia Nut Oil.

HOW TO USE – An intensive, luxurious treatment, Pai’s Age Confidence Oil is best applied at night to slightly damp skin. This will help support cell renewal and repair cycle of your skin while you sleep. It can be followed with a moisturiser if your skin is particularly thirsty.  Try mixing a drop in with your moisturiser during the day for added environmental defense. Create a ritual for yourself at the end of the day by combining the oil with the facial massage instructions which are included in the box.

Your skin type and level of hydration will determine how often you should apply Pai’s Age Confidence Oil.

  • Combination, oily skin: apply 1-2 times per week.
  • Normal skin: apply 2-3 times per week.
  • Dry skin: apply every night.

Like all Pai products, you can use with extremely sensitive skin.

WE LOVE – Pai’s focus on encouraging women to celebrate the skin they’re in! At Content that’s what we are all about, encouraging you to embrace your natural beauty and enhance what makes you unique.

SPECIAL MENTION – Fear not, Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil lovers! You can incorporate Pai’s Age Confidence Oil into your routine at night if you’re feeling a bit dryer than normal, or if you’d like a boost of repair & protection for the skin while you sleep.

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