Tips for a Gentle January Cleanse from the UK’s Cleanse Experts

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While we are all for starting the new year afresh, we like to do a gentle January cleanse in the colder weather rather than jumping straight into a full detox. For the past couple of months, we have been enjoying the benefits of green juice at home thanks to Radiance who are our go-to for cleanses and rest days. Conveniently, The Juicery is a pop-up bar located at 108 (just around the corner from Content) and it has fast become our venue for meetings. If we are on the go, we also like to pick up Plenish at the Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street, and with the much anticipated opening of Roots & Bulbs a few steps away from the store, we will be truly spoilt for green juice choice in Marylebone for 2014! To help us with our gentle January Cleanse we asked our favourite green juice experts to share their cleanse tips for this month.

The Juicery: Go Green Gentle January Cleanse

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Cindy Palusamy, from The Juicery at 108, has a smart choice. “My go to cleanse juice is The Greene which contains apple, cucumber, fennel, broccoli, lime and aloe vera. (This just happens to be our favourite too!). It has great digestive supporting ingredients, such as aloe and fennel, which is crucial for a successful cleanse. It is highly anti-inflammatory. And it is a great drink to support the skin – with healthy fats, lots of greens for glow and aloe! In the winter a lot of us struggle with dry, dull or even irritated skin. In addition to reducing inflammation Aloe, can help boost collagen repair to boost your skin and fight premature ageing. Aloe cleanses the cells and bloodstream so it’s perfect to add to any cleanse or detox regime.”

Plenish: Think Three Gentle January Cleanse






Plenish suggest three handy tips to include on your Gentle January Cleanse. “We like to start our day with a cup of hot water and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. This will kick-start your digestion system and get the toxins moving. Follow this with a vigorous dry body scrub before getting into the shower, as this helps with boosting the lymphatic system. And finally- instead of reaching out for your favorite Italian blend, swap out your morning coffee for a cold pressed green juice. The chlorophyll in the greens will have your whole body pepped up for the day.”

Roots & Bulbs: Create a New Habit Gentle January Cleanse





Roots & Bulbs believe in replacing the word detox with consistency, this coming year. “A healthy treat every day will go a long way, rather than a three or five day detox. Slow down on the sugars by adding a green juice every morning. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Cucumber, spinach, celery will do the trick. Add extra ginger and extra lemon for this month. Just do it every day.”

Radiance: Spice it Up Gentle January Cleanse








Radiance like to experiment with adding herbs and spices to juices at this time of year. “They add a different nutritional dimension and new flavours. Basil goes well in green juices, parsley nicely balances root vegetables or try turmeric and black pepper, or a pinch of chilli or cayenne, in your hot water and lemon in the mornings to kick start your metabolism”

Main Image Credit: FitSugar which features a great range of juice recipes.