THE EXPERTS: Five Beauty Tips from Christina Agnew at Radiance

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EXPERT-Tina-5Christina Agnew graduated from Oxford University and trained as a lawyer before combining practicing law, with studying for a BSc in Nutritional Medicine. She went on to co-found Radiance, the only certified organic, cold-pressed juice delivery company in the UK, in 2009. With all things wellbeing intrenched in her daily life and company ethos we asked Christina for her top 5 Beauty Tips……

Appreciate the mind/body connectionHaving a calm, contented, rested mind is key to all aspects of physical health, including your skin. Tiredness and stress, in particular, really show in your skin. I rely on Tata Harper’s Aromatic Treatments. The Bedtime Treatment has a calming and deeply relaxing floral fragrance. The Stress Treatment is always in my handbag. I apply it to the inside of my wrists if I’m feeling anxious and immediately feel more grounded.

Eat your way to radiance – I am not going to pretend that genetics don’t play a significant role in how good your skin looks. However, you can make the absolute best of your starting point by eating foods that are beneficial for your skin and avoiding those that are not. Cut back on dairy, gluten and sugar. Focus on colourful, raw and organic fruits and vegetables, which hydrate and nourishing your skin from within. Antioxidant-rich leafy green vegetables are particularly protective. Eating good fats, like avocados and flax seeds, is also key to glowing skin with youthful elasticity. I start my day with a cold-pressed green juice, followed by a skin-boosting green smoothie for breakfast. This is a quick and easy way to pack your diet full of rapidly digested skin-friendly foods. Try blending the following organic ingredients: 1 handful of blueberries, 1 avocado, 1 handful of spinach, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp flax seed oil (or try Udo’s Choice for a healthy blend of oils from different plant sources) and 1 cup of almond or hemp milk. Add extra water if it’s too thick.

Simplify your skincare regimeIf my skin breaks out my first urge is usually to buy at least five new products that might make it better. Generally it only makes it worse! I’ve learned that, actually, the more helpful thing is to go back to basics. I try to wear as little make-up as possible, let my skin breathe and usually it will re-balance itself naturally. The absolute best make up line for clear skin in my opinion is rms beauty, especially the ‘un’ cover up and ‘un’ powder.

DetoxifyEnvironmental toxins penetrate our skin and can lead to various skin problems. An unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and sluggish circulation are all amongst the major causes of the accumulation of toxic substances in our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ through which toxins can be efficiently released. So, if your toxic load is too great it will show in your skin, with breakouts and a dull, tired complexion. We developed our Beauty Boost Cleanse with this particular situation in mind. As a certified organic, nutritional juice cleanse it gives your digestive system a break, allowing your body to increase its usual rate of detoxification, while also flooding your body with immediately accessible skin-friendly nutrients. We created it with input from an expert dermatologist, to ensure optimum results for your skin.

Call in the experts – There is no substitute for a high quality facial treatment. Not only is this important time spent looking after yourself (that mind/body connection again), but it provides an opportunity for a regular assessment of your skincare regime. Our skin’s needs change as we get older and also depending on our current lifestyle influences. An expert might suggest a product that you have never considered using, like a facial oil, and lo and behold it works wonders! Also, a good facialist will equip you with techniques that you can use at home to care for your skin better on your own, such as facial massage.