Shelf Talk: Christina Agnew Shares Five Products in Five Minutes – My Post Baby Skin Survival Routine

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EXPERT-Tina-5As a mother of an active young toddler and co-founder of juice delivery service Radiance Cleanse I’ve had to learn how to be ruthlessly efficient with my time. The recent arrival of a new baby has, however, taken this to a whole new level and I’m having to edit down every time-consuming aspect of my life, including my skincare regime.

I’ve been playing around with a few things and have finally settled upon a handful of hero products that I can apply in a matter of minutes, sometimes with a baby in one arm! It’s tempting to neglect things like good skincare when you are totally shattered and trying to get out of the house (before noon….). But I find that lack of sleep and stress really show in the condition of my skin and so I’ve learned over the years that it pays dividends to treat it kindly. Here’s my hit list:

1. Therapi No.1 Honey Gel Cleanser – the delicate orange blossom scent makes this light cleanser really fresh and uplifting at 7am, when you feel like the walking dead! Honey is known for its healing and renewing properties and I also like that by using this product I’m doing my bit for bee conservation.

2. OSKIA Get Up & Glow – every new mother should own this radiance booster! It can be used as a daily moisturiser and sinks in so beautifully to the skin that you can apply make up over the top almost immediately.

3. RMS Beauty Un Cover Up – this is the best concealer for dark circles under the eyes. It melts into your skin and looks just like your own skin tone. And a little goes a long way so the pot lasts for ages.

4. RMS Living Luminizer – a truly magical skin pick me-up. A few carefully placed swipes really lifts your whole face.

5. Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Blush – this easy to use stick gives a completely natural looking blush to the cheeks that makes me look human again. It’s perfect for your handbag too as it can also be used on lips and eyes.