New Instore – REN’s ClearCalm 3 System

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With adult acne a constant struggle for many of the people we see in store we are glad to have the new anti-blemish range from REN on our shelves now.

REN’s ClearCalm 3 System is an anti-blemish skincare range that treats the cause of blackheads and blemishes without harshness of synthetics. The products won’t strip the skin and will leave skin looking clear, calm, matte and radiantly healthy.

How does it work?

This range is packed full of helpful natural skincare ingredients. First on our favourites list is Willow Bark which contains salicilin a potent anti-inflammatory. Great for calming skin.

Second is zinc gluconate. It is commonly thought that taking 30mg of zinc per day (or even better twice a day) may benefit acne suffers. There has also been research into zinc topical application which has been shown to reduce oily sebum production and may help the body’s immune system in warding off bacterial infections in acne. So far so good….

Next on the list is Licorice Extract, considered one of the many natural compounds, along with various types of citrus fruits, that act as a skin brightener when applied topically.

With these three key ingredients this range is packing quite a helpful punch for those with persistant acne. To start intergrating these products into your skincare regime we recommend replacing your cleanser as soon as possible by switching to the Ren ClearCalm Clay Cleanser. Correct cleansing is an important step in controlling acne. Too harsh and your skin will be stripped of natural sebum and start producing more oil. Get the balance right and you’ll start to see improvements over a few weeks. Add the day cream and night serum next to ensure you are getting the full benefits of our favourite key natural ingredients above. For those who suffer from hormonal outbreaks try adding the mask to control monthly breakouts and keep the ClearCalm Night Serum at hand to reduce scarring. The night serum has the addition of Lingonberry extract which an in vitro study showed inhibits tyrosinase and melanin synthesis, which cause skin browning.

Pop buy the store to view the whole range.

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