Sun Warrior Raw Protein Blends Arrive at Content

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vanilla blendWith yet another healthy and nutritious addition in store, our January Gentle Cleanse plan keeps getting easier and easier. Say hello to the SUN WARRIOR Vanilla Warrior Blend and SUN WARRIOR Chocolate Warrior Blend!

The delicious tasting Warrior Blend is a vegan, raw plant-based protein that is easily digestible and perfect for anyone wanting to boost their health and fitness levels.

The formula contains a mix of rich plant-based proteins, where the blend of the parts is greater than any of the stand-alone ingredients: meaning that it’s a powerful and all-natural source of energy. In addition, the ingredients undergo a cold extraction process, so that the drink remains packed with amino-acids and branched chain amino acids. These include arginine, lycine, and leucine, which are essential to support energy production and antioxidant defense.

The vanilla and chocolate taste sweet with stevia, without being overpowering and we love how satiated we feel after consumption.

You can mix your choice of Warrior Blend with 1 scoop with 8-10 fl oz of water or plant milk, to enjoy the host of benefits, which are really rather impressive. These include:

  • Increase of metabolism to burn fat, while building muscle
  • Promoting healthy kidney and liver functions
  • Improving mental clarity
  • Helping relieve candida

If you have a sweet tooth and love vanilla or chocolate, or both (although really, who doesn’t?) yet are also on a mission to get healthy, we think that this new blend would make a fantastic addition to your diet.