Sacred Chocolate Raw Chocolate Hearts

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Whilst there’s no denying that we’ll be watching our sugar intake, we’re not going to give up on treats altogether because a) we don’t believe in punishing ourselves, b) we just can’t resist raw chocolate (everyone knows Content is fueled by the stuff!). So we are excited to unveil the latest addition to the Content Wellbeing family: the SACRED CHOCOLATE Raw Chocolate Hearts! Certainly, not your average chocolate bars. Let us tell you why…..

THE BRAND – Created by David Wolfe, aka “the rockstar of superfoods” and global authority on all things raw cacao, SACRED CHOCOLATE is the epitome of organic vegan raw chocolate. Hand-made and containing healthier alternative sweeteners such as maple and stevia, it offers exceptional tasting and nutritionally beneficial raw chocolate in an array of flavours. You can now choose between four delicious flavours: the Amazonian, Immuno Mushrooms, Twilight and Coco Nibby.

  • Coco Nibby Heart Bar: A match made in heaven for fans of sweet and creamy chocolate. It also has some bite to it, thanks to the coconut flakes and whole cacao nibs- think of it as a healthier upgrade of the classic Rocky Road! Coco Nibby has a 60% Cacao Content and a whole cacao bean.
  • Immuno Mushroom Heart Bar: “Mushrooms and chocolate? Are you mad?” we hear you cry. Not so fast! It works and it’s good for you, as it contains a host of medicinal mushrooms – great for boosting the immune system during winter. Unsurprisingly, it is woody and earthy in flavour but has quickly become our favourite. It has a  68% cacao content.
  • Twilight Heart Bar: Smooth and concentrated for the true raw chocolate connoisseur. 69% cacao content makes this one dark and delicious. We love to keep this one close at hand for a little pick-me-up at that 3pm slump.

THE INGREDIENTS – All ingredients are 100% organic, vegan and wild crafted and all heart bars include the husk of the cacao bean for superior nutrition. Sacred Chocolate is stone ground under 115 degrees Fahrenheit from bean to bar, hand- poured and hand wrapped with love and gratitude in small certified organic and 100% renewable energy and carbon-balanced factory in California.

WE LOVE – How delicious they are! Luckily in its raw form, chocolate really is a super food. But be warned: they can be highly addictive. So you know how it goes- everything in moderation. Also, we like how each 41gram bar comes in the shape of a perfect golden spiral heart: not only for the cuteness factor, but also because the shape is thought to raise the frequency (good vibrations) of the chocolate and it symbolises that raw cacao is also very good for your heart.

HOW TO USE – Unwrap. Eat. Repeat.

HERO PRODUCT – We’ll have one of each, please. These go straight to the heart (sorry!).