The Natural & Organic Products For Home That Reduce Indoor Pollution

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You’ve made the switch to organic makeupnatural skincare and shop weekly at local and organic farmers markets. You may even be adding more zero waste products into your toolkit. Ready to bring home your passion for the values of an organic lifestyle? From candles, bedding, cleaning products and even ‘clean’ paint – we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to curb indoor pollution. Read on for our eco friendly home product finds.


While there is no pollution free candle, there are better choices you can make when it come to home fragrance. Most candles are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum derivative that emits a sooty black smoke when burned. Not something you want to inhale, even if masked by a pretty scent. We opt for plant wax candles with natural fibre wicks such as the Qnola Life candles. Plant waxes and beeswax candles burn without emitting air polluting soot. Even still, don’t forget to ventilate to combat indoor pollution.

To refresh your space without lighting a match, give your house some positive vibes via home scenting. Try the Inner Light Crystal Clear infused aromatherapy smelling salts from Therapie Roques O’Neil — heaven in a jar. For incense addicts, try Page 33 Incense Set, which comes with a brass stick holder.

Switch to a plant wax candle such as those from Qnola Life to help curb indoor pollution | Shop at CONTENT Beauty with free worldwide delivery


Did you know that we spend around one third of our lives in bed? With this in mind, it makes sense to choose our mattresses and bedding mindfully. Take into account how your bedding materials are crafted to make your bedroom a more natural environment.

Unfortunately, many conventional mattresses are exposed to chemicals you wouldn’t want as a bed partner. To meet safety standards,, manufacturers coat mattresses with flame retardant chemicals that can significantly increase indoor pollution. Worried about using a mattress that isn’t flame retardant? Don’t! Non-toxic materials like Welsh wool as in UK brand Abaca Organics’, Soil Association-certified mattresses are naturally fire proof. Their materials are cultivated by traditional farming methods that avoid fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. All things non-organic wool, conventional cotton and other common materials can be exposed to. Like any type of organic farming, these methods of production benefit personal health and reduce exposure to toxicity. Team this with organic cotton sheets and you’ll be supporting sustainable farming, the environment and a good nights sleep!

Tincture Natural Cleaning Products help reduce indoor pollution by not introducing harmful chemicals found in conventional cleaners | Shop the eco friendly cleaning range at CONTENT


With a non-toxic multi-surface cleaner, gentle dish soap and natural laundry liquid, The Gentle Label let you shop with confidence when it comes to the ingredients of your home cleaning products. Certified organic by the Soil Association and made without harsh synthetic chemicals, their concentrated formulation make for effective cleaning without sacrificing your green ethos.

We are also hooked on Tincture, an all natural cleaning range formulated with active botanical ingredients, essential oils and antibacterial Silver Technology. These biodegradable household cleaning products are kinder to both skin and planet. Plus, with their sleek octagonal bottle packaging, we don’t even hide these under the kitchen sink.


Whilst not certified organic, natural paints offer another step towards minimising toxic fumes and the undesirable ingredients that can lead to health and environmental problems. When looking for a natural paint, search for one that is water based and free of solvents, VOC’s, pesticides, herbicides and toxins. We opt for Auro Natural Paints which we used for both home and the CONTENT shop.

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