Natural is Back in Fashion: Vogue Natural Health and Beauty 1979, ‘Re-Launches’ at Content

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Our favourite festival find this year has to be the Vogue Natural Health and Beauty book. First published in 1979 and we have tracked down vintage copies of the original for ‘relaunch’ at CONTENT. Now available instore and online for all you natural beauties out there, this #greenbeauty collectable is filled with DIY skincare and food recipes along with lifestyle and health advice, much of which we still talk about today.


Acknowledging that good health and healthy skin are dependent on a multitude of factors including heredity, environment and your mental and spiritual attitude to life, Vogue Natural Health and Beauty reveals the principles, methods, regimes and recipes that encapsulate health in all its guises.

Written to help women take advantage of all the natural elements at our disposal to benefit our health and vitality, writer Bronwen Meredith makes clear that the return to a harmonious state of being, both internally and within our environment relies on our ability to make the best use of the abundance of natural resources available – a process that is not so much going back to nature, but perceiving it through enlightened eyes.


With sections on health foods, yoga, natural remedies, meditation, preparations from fruits and vegetables along with how to make you own cosmetics, limber up and much more the book includes a beautiful mixture of illustrations in colour and black and white, Vogue Natural Health and Beauty is just as relevant today as it was 35 years ago! An essential addition to any healthy living library, it also makes the ideal gift for natural beauty fans.

*All copies are in good ‘vintage’ condition and have been pre-loved by natural beauty fans like us!