Moody Skin Fixes & Mood Managers for Seasonal Changes

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As many of us know all too well, trans-seasonal weather isn’t often kind to skin. Energy can start to dip a little as the days get darker and shorter while the warm summer days become a distant memory. Facing moody skin and general mood swings? Fear not. We’ve put together some of our organic beauty and wellbeing essentials to help you navigate through it, mindfully.

Moody Skin Fixes

Skin misbehaving like an unruly teenager with the fluctuating temperatures? Give it some TLC with our #ContentApproved natural skincare must-haves.

Natural Face Masks

Thirsty skin? Mix the Skin & Tonic Coco Mask with water, honey or yogurt. Leave on for ten minutes for a hydration boost. The coconut milk powder is rich in lauric acid and vitamins A, B, C and E. If you are looking to soften and moisturise moody skin, boost the de Mamiel Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate by adding to the Restorative Cleansing Balm. Key ingredient Moroccan lava clay is a great detoxifier for temperamental skin. This combo left on as a mask gives time for the mineral packed ingredients to work more deeply. Skin will be left soothed, stabilised and glowing. As a bonus, it helps protect from electromagnetic exposure from indoor pollution too.


Need an SOS product to calm skin when it’s having a tantrum? MV Organic Skincare Daily Soother Booster is easy to use; just mix 2-3 drops into your moisturiser. It’s ideal for eczema and dermatitis too. Skin a little blotchy? Winter dry skin starting to creep in? Add Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask into your routine, helping to restore moisture levels, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and reduce irritation. Three to four pumps distributed generously over the face and left on overnight will do the trick.


Packed with soothing, organic, antioxidant-rich ingredients like desert fig seed, argan seed and red tea, Amala Soothing Moisture Cream protects skin from redness and reactions. For a lighter yet still silky cream, try the Evolve Daily Renew Facial Cream or Pai Instant Calm Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day Cream to leave moody skin hydrated and happy.

Mood Managers

A lot of factors can affect someone’s mood. But granted, weather is a big one! While we can’t do anything about the lack of sunshine, we can certainly turn to some trusty natural remedies instead to help increase our ‘content’-ment levels. These are our favourite mind-altering products.


Feeling stressed, irritable or having trouble sleeping? Try a Tata Harper Treatment on the three pulse points. Once applied inside of wrists, behind the ears and on each side of the throat, let the aroma-therapeutic properties soak in. For a blend of seasonal supportive oil to help us achieve balance and harmony, the de Mamiel Winter Facial Oil is great for both decongesting moody skin while uplifting wellbeing.


Don’t underestimate what topping up on your omega 3 levels can do for your mood! Healthy brains depend on omega-3s because the nervous system is mostly made of fat. Actually, omega-3 essential fatty acids are one of the basic building blocks of the brain. They keep brain signals moving smoothly in our brain cell membranes. This means that signals that travel through our flesh — feelings, thoughts, commands to our bodies — skip along cells and their arms sheathed in fat.

One study1 has found that there is a nutrient in fish which might actually be more effective against depression than traditional antidepressants – the omega-3 fatty acid called EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). Depressed patients were given a daily dose of EPA and in the course of three months, over two thirds of the group reported a 50% reduction in their symptoms including sadness and sleeplessness.

Mood Mantras

Mindfulness and mantras are how we roll – we are CONTENT after all! What is a mantra? The word mantra is made of two parts: man – the root of the Sanskrit word for mind, and tra – the root of the word instrument. Thus, a mantra means “an instrument of the mind”, a powerful sound or vibration that can be used to enter a deep state of meditation.

The best known mantra is of course “Om”. It’s the most elemental sound, used for millennia and represents the infinite universal consciousness. In fact, according to Vedic tradition, everything in nature ­– wind, river, flowers – ­produces a vibration, which is a manifestation of spirit into matter.

We all have little musings on what we like to live by. Ever put post-its of your favourite mantras around your room, or in your workspace? Why not on yourself? The Mantrabands answer exactly this! Pick your favourite wearable mantra and adorn your wrist for an instant boost of mind altering positivity.

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