How To Create an Ice Facial and Massage At Home

Ice Facial
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Adding an at-home ice facial to your routine can get the boost circulation giving your skin that glowy, pink cheeked look you get after a brisk walk in a cool breeze.  We are big believers in incorporating facial massage techniques into our daily natural skincare routine, but by adding a touch of cold temperatures to your routine you get the benefits of the age old practice of icing (otherwise known as cryotherapy) and massage in one treatment.

An ice facial works instantly by improving the blood circulation. Cold temperatures applied to the skin constrict the blood vessels reducing puffiness and inflammation (think of when you ice an injury). The body responds to the cold treatment and sends an increased flow of warm blood (carrying oxygen and nutrients) to the treated area – reviving your complexion from looking tired and dull in a flash. Try the below at night to see the benefits.

Ice Therapy
This technique will help revive your skin after a sleepless night or simply when your complexion looks puffy and red. Apply the either ice cubes or the clever silicone cone from Jalue Ice Therapy (significantly less messy!) for 15-20 minutes. Use circular motions over the face and even under the eyes. If skin is sensitive for prone to flushing apply a thin muslin cloth first. Follow with your facial oil using the massage technique below.

Rub a 5p-size amount of an organic facial oil between your palms and start by pressing your fingertips between your eyebrows, gently sliding up your forehead. Repeat several times then proceed to massaging from the centre of your face towards the ears, past the cheeks. Keep sliding across the jawline with up and out motions. Remember to also massage your neck with vertical strokes, from the collarbone upward.

Besides a relaxing effect, this all natural ice facial and massage will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase the absorption of your face oil. Skin will acquire an extra glow (from both the ice and the massage), looking firmer and more contoured.



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