Healthy Office Desk Essentials To Drink, Spritz and Inhale.

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Wondering what healthy office desk essentials the CONTENT team can’t do without? From beating the afternoon slump, to refreshing our complexions, discover the must-have products that we keep within reach on our desks below to drink, eat and spray throughout the day.

When the afternoon slump hits and you’re craving…

‘Tea’ Time

  • Wunderworkshop Golden Turmeric Chai Tea is a comforting and warming anti-inflammatory drink. The spice has been used for its health benefits for thousands of years. Ginger and cinnamon add an earthy sweetness and an extra dose of antioxidants.
  • Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee is a ‘coffee’ hit without the jitters. Delicious Arabica Coffee and medicinal mushrooms (don’t worry, you won’t taste them) are blended into individual sachets for a quick fix on the go. There are two types available: Chaga boosts immunity and Lion’s Mane enhances cognitive function and neither of them will give you that crash and burn feeling.
  • Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao Mixes are a great alternative to chocolate fans. Balancing delicious dark chocolate and medicinal mushrooms: the Hot Cacao With Reishi is stress-reducing while the the Hot Cacao with Cordyceps is a great ‘pick me up’.


healthy office desk essentials

Desk Side Skincare:

  • Aum Meditate Body Mist is a must have aromatherapy treatment for keeping on your desk. Keep it in your eye line as a reminder to take a break. The Lavender will help calm you while the ‘woody’ note of Patchouli has a balancing effect – when the deadlines close in.
  • Nuori Lip Balm is a petroleum-free lip balm and a lip-smackingly good treat with sweet almond and apricot oils that work with avocado and cocoa butter to nourish and soften dehydrated lips.
  • Absolution Le Soin des Mains Facettes is a handy tube of multi-talented hand cream. It’s great for dry hands, works on nails too and is ideal for those whose work involves them washing their hands often.
  • Soapwalla The Spray for those who work where hot-desking is a thing. Bring your own hand sanitizer to the party. Great for travel to and from work too or wiping you keyboard or mobile phone.
  • Amly Digital Detox Facial Mist was developed to give your skin a reboot from screen-fatigue. Anti-colloidal silver-rich spring water, energy-cleansing frankincense and purifying magnesium salts turn a screen break into a mini facial.

Lunch O’Clock:

  • A Metal Lunch Box and a Glass Straw are easy ways to enjoy a plastic-free lunchtime. The box comes with a mini container for your favourite snack and both reduces your plastic and rubbish use to tie in with your zero-waste goals.
  • Stelton Reusable Cups have a state-of-the art ‘smart click’ function that lets you open and close the cup easily so you can enjoy your hot or cold drinks without worrying about spilling them all over your keyboard.

Mood Enhancers: A perfectly chosen healthy office desk essential can also act as a helpful mood lifter! We use:

  • Incausa Breu Incense can, when burnt, invite good energy into your workspace whether at home or at the office. You may also find that it ups your mental prowess.
  • de Mamiel Shine Oil will help clear a foggy brain. The bespoke blend of herbs, milk thistle and jojoba gets your energy flowing around the body and your mind ready for a serious brainstorming session.
  • Therapie Inner Light Crystal Clear is a must when you have a to-do list as long as your arm. A blend of clarifying and re-energising oils lace salt crystals to prevent a post-lunch slump. The fragrance inspires mental clarity and concentration so you feel alert and ready to own the day.
  • Biocol Something For Happiness is everyone’s desk side favourite for the mid-week or afternoon blues. This plant-based formula will uplift and alleviate anxiety and restore your body and mind to their natural states of wellbeing.


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