Product Focus: de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend

de Mamiel Recovery Blend
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The most recent addition to the de Mamiel family of organic skincare has arrived at CONTENT. The new de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend is a pressed serum and contains key ingredients we are excited to start using.

For over 10 years in clinical practice, Annee de Mamiel has been observing and successfully treating the whole spectrum of dry, itchy and inflamed skin. Using this clinical experience, her knowledge of TCM and her scientific understanding of natural ingredients, she has developed and refined a product that is so versatile it can be used across the whole range of dry skin problems.

The de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend has been designed by Annee to help a spectrum of problematic dry skin conditions. We asked Annee to share her inspiration for the new addition to the brand.

The New de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend

Tell us what inspired the new addition to the de Mamiel range.

Skin Recovery blend came from the treatment room, it began as the oil I gave to patients who came in with eczema and we had real results with it as a take home product. Before launching, I wanted to add other elements to it, which worked when I had the patient with me – in particular clay and the anti-inflammatory butters. So what evolved over many iterations was this pressed serum – something in between a balm and butter with incredibly potent actives. It has taken so long to release as a product because I couldn’t secure enough quality Cape Chamomile which was a key ingredient in this blend but in March we were able to work with a farm in South Africa to plant, harvest and distil some for us.

What do you love about the key ingredients and why did you choose to use them?

The extreme effectiveness in the blend comes from the high levels of matricin (which is the precursor of chamazulene) in the German Chamomile extract along with high levels of alpha bisabol, another powerful anti-inflammatory constituent. I love the way all the Azulene rich oils have come together, all varying hues of aquamarine and deep blue which are incredibly calming and cooling on the skin. Blue Cypress, Yarrow and Cape Chamomile add to its potency with the healing ability of white clay. Murumuru has a unique composition of fatty acids and a precursor to vitamin A to promote restoring the compromised skin. Cupacau butter is so rich in phytosterols and high levels of fatty acids giving a soft, smooth hydration to the skin, while mango is always a preference for its antioxidant, vitamins (A, C and E) which relieve the itchiness and treat the rough dry patches.

What is your favourite way to add it to your skincare regime?

I tend to have a lot of underlying inflammation and sensitivity so I love using it overnight with the Seasonal Facial Oil and it makes an incredible difference in the morning – my skin is hydrated, soft and calm. In the winter, when the weather is harsh, I will use it in the morning with the mist and press it into my skin.

Anne de Mamiel talks about de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend

The de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend Benefits:

  1. Anti-pruritic, it soothes irritation and itching
  2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic, it calms and cools inflammation and promotes blood circulation
  3. Nourishing and softening by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) thus helping the skin hold and retain water”
  4. Rejuvenating of the skin’s vital layers and cells, it improves elasticity and has skin plumping benefits
  5. Protecting from external stressors (environment and sun damage) and internal stressors (it uses oils that help calm emotional stress and reduce cortisol)

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