Bye Bye Perfect: The What, Why and How

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Today, on International Women’s Day, we launch Bye Bye Perfect. When CONTENT opened its shop doors in February 2008, it was a tiny act of defiance. The store was not just a place to give a UK home to natural products and brands from around the world that we loved. It was an act for change. A chance to give people a broader choice within the beauty industry.

Today we want to give you another choice. To have a say on the language in which you are sold products. With a deadline of the end of March, we aim to remove every instance of the word ‘perfect’ from the  products descriptions on our website. Why? We think you are good enough just the way you are. And let’s be honest, although we LOVE the products we sell (yup, all of them!) — we don’t believe that anything in a jar can make you feel or look ‘perfect’. For us, it’s always been more about good health and finding what makes you content — not meeting someone else’s idea of perfection.

You don’t need:
— the perfect pout
— the perfect skin
— the perfect body
— the perfect hair

But we do need you. Help us remove unnecessary ideals from the language surrounding skincare and make-up products.

Original Photo: David Fenton, 1969