Meet The Maker: Natural Haircare Range Bouclème

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Whilst curly-heads have been using cleansing conditioners for a while now, the trend for foam-free cleansers and co-washing with natural hair care products is only now being recognised as a sure-fire way to ensure healthy, frizz-free hair. With this at the forefront of haircare trends right now, we thought it only made sense to celebrate an all-natural foam-free alternative designed for curly heads of all-sorts.

Providing a gentler way of cleansing hair compared to the harsh effects of sulphate shampoos, cleansing conditioners are the modern antidote to dried out, parched hair that has been stripped of its natural oils through over-use of sulphate shampoos. Used in dish-washing detergents, laundry liquids and even engine degreasers, sulphates strip away the natural protective oils of the scalp and hair often resulting in flakiness, itching and a frizzy, dull dryness. When the first foaming shampoo was launched in 1908, it was only recommended that users washed their hair once a month, in the 1950’s that number was revised to once every 2 weeks and by the 1970s, the advent of the ‘every-day’ shampoo became the norm, resulting in an every-day exposure to sulphates increasingly impacting on the health of hair.

If you’re used to using sulphate containing shampoos, you’ve probably experienced the drying affect that these can have on your curls (let alone your scalp). With this in mind, Bouclème founder Michele Scott Lynch created her range of all-natural curl loving products designed to encourage healthy, moisturised and frizz-free locks to encourage women to wear their curls with pride.

We chatted to the founder of Bouclème Michele to find out more about the range….

What inspired you to start Bouclème?

After researching the ingredients of curly hair care ranges I found that the majority of products available were sulphate and silicone based – 2 ingredients that perpetuate the problem of dry frizzy curls. One strips the hair of all protective oils and the other, a non-water soluble film former, gives the illusion of smooth and sleek hair but prevents much needed moisture from entering the shaft. The only thing that can remove silicone is sulphates so it becomes a vicious circle of curls being dried out by sulphates and requiring more silicone to fix it. Trying to find natural and effective alternatives wasn’t easy and after experimenting in my kitchen making flax seed gel, plus an inspiring trip to a curly specialist salon in NYC, I decided to create my own natural range.

The range consists of a special blend of plant based extracts formulated especially for curls – what makes the selected superior in their curl-controlling properties?

Curly hair tends to naturally be drier than other hair types and frizz is a sign that hair lacks moisture. Our range uses coconut and argan oils that are molecularly small enough to penetrate deep into the hair shaft delivering moisture where it’s needed most. Rich in antioxdants, vitamin E, omega 3, 6 and 9, they strengthen and protect the hair from the inside out. Add to this the humectant properties of Aloe Vera leaf extract and the conditioning properties of Linseed and together they hydrate, soften and smooth the hair cuticle, enhancing curl formation and definition.

How does the Bouclème Curl Cleanser formula work when it comes to managing curls?

Hydration is key to creating soft, frizz free curls. Our cream based Curl Cleanser cleanses without upsetting the natural moisture balance of the hair and scalp. I always compare it to using a foaming face wash that leaves your skin dry and tight, whereas a cream based cleanser leaves skin cleansed and hydrated. The more hydrated the hair the better the curl definition. It also helps to smooth the hair cuticle which is essential to eliminating frizz.

If you could only choose one, what would be the must-have product from the range?

This is a tough one as the products work as a system together but if I was forced to choose one it would be the Curl Defining Gel. It seals in the moisture and smooths the cuticle creating ultimate definition and sets your curls so they can last for more than a day. The holy grail for most curly girls is 2nd or 3rd day curls!

Tips for use:

Below, Michele fills us in on some tips and tricks to make the most out of the range…

“Whilst we are all created equal we are also created unique so what works for one persons curls may not work for another. Here are some alternative ways you can incorporate this gentle form of cleansing into your washing routine and maintain optimum curl hydration.”

  • For finely textured hair try alternating with a sulphate free shampoo. This can be done every other wash or once a week.
  • If you suffer from very greasy roots a sulphate free shampoo applied directly to your roots and Curl Cleanser raked from the mid section of your hair through to the ends will hydrate and protect whilst you rinse the shampoo.
  • I remember my Nana (originally from Jamaica) telling me how as a child her mother would cut leaves off their Aloe Vera plant and rub the gel directly onto her roots to clean her hair so cleansing conditioners may just be a return to nature.

Special Mention:

  • Travel and Trial set – a great way to explore the range and to ensure perfect curls wherever you are in the world.
  • Curl Towel: As Michele herself acknowledges, ‘the common terry towel is a curly girls nemesis’, drawing moisture from the hair and disrupting the hair cuticle and curl pattern. We love the super soft jersey Curl Towel included as part of the range made from 46% organic cotton, 46% bamboo and 8% elastane and possessing the ability to absorb excess water only so curls retain maximum hydration.