Beauty Hacks for Soft Hands

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Apart from wearing gloves to protect your hands from the elements and stocking up on a trusty organic hand cream, there are other tips you can follow for restoring soft hands which are just as simple. Below are a few of our favourites.

Exfoliate for Soft Hands

Hands are easily overlooked. Don’t forget to exfoliate hands, just as you would with your body. Use a microbead-free natural body scrub like the Isla Apothecary Coffee & Cinnamon Body Polish, which makes skin feel and smell amazing with a subtle hint of refreshing cinnamon leaf blends and the rich and crisp aroma of coffee. The finely ground antioxidant-rich coffee, walnut shells and Dead Sea Salt polish away surface impurities to reveal buffed skin.

Treat your Soft Hands

Use what’s left on your hands of your usual night serum, cream or oil as a hand treatment. Oils keep the skin nourished, while your targeted brightening serum will help fade sun spots. Multitasking at its best!

Sun Protection for Soft Hands

Don’t forget your hands need protection from the sun too! They are one of the first parts of the body to show their age. We like to use the Salt & Stone SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen which is antioxidant-infused and a highly nourishing mineral based sunscreen for both body and face. The lightweight, non greasy texture applies easily and covers evenly, leaving no visible white residue. The Antipodes Immortal SPF15 Moisturiser is another lovely natural sun-protection for both face and body, harnessing the natural benefits of raspberry seed oil, zinc oxide and reish mushroom.

Hand Hygiene

When you’re out and about, there are very few SLS-free hand washes in cafés and restaurants. Most products you’ll find can be quite harsh on skin, so if you have sensitive skin and react to SLS, carry one of Dr Bronner’s Organic Liquid Soaps around with you. The handy mini version is ideal for keeping in your bag. Alternatively, Dr Bronner has an organic hand sanitiser that is also pocket-sized making it ideal for on-the-go to kill germs on your hands. The added bonus is it has a lovely scent!

Key Ingredients

Using a good hand cream seems self explanatory but look for key ingredients, as you would with your face cream. Absolution Le Soin des Mains Hand Cream contains Licorice Root Extract, which is not only anti-inflammatory and redness reducing, but it inhibits tyrosinase, responsible for brown spots. Meanwhile, having Pai Instant Hand Therapy Cream on standby is the saviour for hands that spend lots of time in water.

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