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Ever felt creatively blocked? Get your creative juices flowing by practising a series of mudras (movement or pose in yoga), as advised by our resident yoga expert Michaela Olexova. Get her spring ritual below.

Does creativity take courage? Yes, you bet it does! If you want to create something truly amazing you can’t just dream it, you have to release your fears and inhibitions and dive in your head first, trusting your inner intuition or the sixth sense that something amazing is about to happen.

Think of all the great artists. Would they be able to create their masterpieces if they didn’t take their dream or vision and guided by their creative intuition and courage picked up those brushes and paints? To create is to be in a zone, a place where there is no mental clutter or tension. A place where you connect with your true self and your heart. A place where things like courage, desired feelings, creativity and free expression go hand in hand. Whether you’re artistic or not, you too have a talent to create. We all do. We’re part of the nature and when a tiny bud turns to a pretty flower that grows into a juicy fruit, the nature doesn’t question its ability to create or fear its outcome. And that’s the beauty of it!

Now let’s put the words into action, strengthen your courage muscles and get your creativity juices flowing…


For me spring is the time of year when you feel the nature flowing to you, through you and within you. By balancing the universal elements represented in our body and mind, you can enhance both your beauty and talent as well as uplift your entire being inside out. Just as you engage all your senses when you look at a beautiful flower, create a vision of what you desire for yourself. What is it that you really want? Take a deep inhale and connect with this vision – see, hear, smell, taste and feel every little detail – now exhale and let go of the outcome.

Regular practice of mudras, whether combined with yoga poses or performed individually, helps you connect to your subtle energies and emphasise their certain qualities, brings balance among the five elements of nature in your body & mind and promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Ksepana Mudra


How to: Clasp your hands with index fingers flat against each other. Cross your left thumb over the right one and point your index fingers towards the ground (sitting position) or towards your feet if you’re lying down. Inhale deeply, hold your breath briefly (up to five seconds) and  then focus on long exhalation. Practice this mudra any time of the day for about 5-10mins.

Benefits: This mudra helps you release all that no longer serves you. It directs the negative energy such as stress, frustration and anger out of the body and allows the positive energy to flow in freely.

Gyan Mudra

How to: This is one of the most important mudras and can be performed by bringing the tip of the index finger in contact with the tip of the thumb. Relax both hands in Gyan Mudra  on your knees with your palms facing upwards. It can be performed as long as needed, especially during a meditation.

Benefits: Regular practice brings the spiritual openness and ease in meditation. It’s extremely calming, improves concentration, helps cure insomnia, releases stress or anxiety and activates your third eye chakra (a seat of your sixth sense).

Kubera Mudra

How to: Place the tips of thumb, index and middle fingers together and bend the other two fingers towards the middle of your palm. Rest both hands in Kubera Mudra on your knees and hold for 5-10 minutes while you focus on your breathing.

Benefits: This mudra increases the intent of your desires and produces more focus and clarity. It brings in calm, confidence and powerful strength behind future plans, goals and intentions.

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