Meet the Makers: Amly Botanicals

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Meet the makers of Amly Botanicals, the new Great British Beauty range launched at Content. We chat to homeopathy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy specialist Kerry Moore and fine artist Lisa Smallpeice, to find out more about their first product launch: the Amly Radiance Boost Silver Rich Face Mist.

  • What sparked the idea to create Amly?

Both Lisa and I have a shared love of natural beauty products. With my background in homeopathy and holistic health, and Lisa’s in art and organic living, we had explored the idea of creating something together – but nothing had felt quite right. When Lisa moved to Hawthbush Farm and discovered this incredible water source, she called me and it was a real ‘Eureka’ moment. The rest just seemed to fall into place.

  • How does your environment influence what you create?

When we arrived at Hawthbush Farm our objective was to convert the land to organic. Fortunately most of the farm had not been agriculturally managed intensively for over 50 years and as a result we were able to preserve the wild flower meadows and hedgerows, which boast an array of rare orchids, native herbs and medicinal plants. Our next intention was to secure our own water source, so we asked a renowned dowser to search for an underground source. He discovered an artesian spring 100 metres beneath our wild flower meadow! And so we have Amly – a face mist, created from silver-rich water, infused with organic flowers, native herbs and exquisite essential oils, inspired by our East Sussex landscape and individual plants that thrive here.


  • A key element of your facial mists is the silver-rich water: why did you base you products around this?

The silver rich water in a way is a product in itself. The healing properties of silver are well known and along with its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties, it is the perfect base for a skin product. We felt this could be enhanced with the addition of botanicals and essential oils, that had an affinity to the source of the water. The blending of these traditional ingredients with the more modern actives was our way of introducing the alchemy, so pertinent to the silver, a real melding of traditional & modern. We were very clear that we wanted to remain as pure as possible while creating a product that performed.

  • How do your like to use the Facial Mists?

The Radiance Boost is the first of what will be a range of mists, which will correspond to various lifestyle needs. It is very much a ‘handbag essential’. I think the way we use our skincare has shifted from the traditional ‘cleanse, tone moisturise’. Our mist can be used post-cleansing as a toning and enlivening mist to prepare the skin for moisture. Try using it post make-up to give a dewy finish & throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated & protected from environmental challenges & lift the spirits. Be warned: once you start you can’t be without it!