Content Lock-In: Natural Perfume Workshop with Abel Perfumes

Abel Natural Perfume Masterclass
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For this Content Lock-In we were joined by Frances of Abel Organic Perfumes for a perfume workshop, where guests not only learnt how to decipher fragrance notes in natural perfume and how clever blending creates a base that lasts, but were also the first to smell the new floral fragrance, Abel Pink Iris, at the World Exclusive Launch!

See some of our favourite snippets from the evening below!

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Debrief from the Abel Natural Perfume Journey Workshop

Abel Organic Perfumes masterclass at CONTENT UK
“For me, every fragrance starts as a mood board of ideas” Frances, founder of Abel Organic Perfumes.
Content Fragrance Masterclass
Learning how to use your nose like a master perfumer.
Content Events: Deciphering fragrance notes from Abel Perfumes
Deciphering fragrance notes.
Content Masterclass: Fragrance journey with Abel Perfumes
Learning how clever blending can create a base that lasts.
Frances from Abel Organic Perfumes
“Natural perfumes can spell differently on each individual creating bespoke scents.”
Content Lock-In: Abel Organics Perfume Workshop
Guests discovered layering perfumes together to create more complex scents.
World Exclusive: Abel Pink Iris Perfume
World Exclusive: Pink Iris available to CONTENT customers ahead of its global launch next week. Discover the new Abel Pink Iris Perfume now

Head to the @contentbeauty Instagram page to see more highlights from the evening under our ‘Events’ category! | Read more: Twelve Beauty Natural Formulation Masterclass

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